Hollywood Squares: NASFAA Style


Date Recorded: March 9, 2022
Duration: 90 Minutes
Price: Free for Value Plus and Webinar Package
$120.00 for other members
$240.00 for Non-members

Webinars LogoIf the Game Show Network is one of your favorite cable TV networks, then you are going to love our NASFAA-style Hollywood Squares webinar! During this webinar, we'll bring to life some of those thought-provoking and sometimes mind-blowing financial aid questions in a manner that is considered "edu-tainment." Join NASFAA's David Tolman as he hosts this engaging webinar that tests your knowledge on a variety of financial aid topics. We've invited nine financial aid experts to participate as "Squares," including NASFAA's Kochie Vaughan, David Futrell, and last year's Game Show webinar winner, Daniel Barkowitz. Watch contestants Helen Faith and Art Young battle it out in a game of tic-tac-toe. Have fun learning, and see which staff members in your office are NASFAA Quiz Show champions!Hollywood Squares


Kochie Vaughan Kochie Vaughan (Square) 
Regulatory Specialist 

David Tolman David Tolman (Host) 
Instructional Design & Content Specialist 


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