SAI Modeling Tool Assistance

As you are aware, FAFSA simplification changes the Federal Methodology Expected Family Contribution formula to the renamed Student Aid Index (SAI). To assist colleges and universities in predicting changes in financial need—and thereby financial aid budgets—NASFAA created the SAI Modeling Tool. The modeling tool is a valuable resource for research and assessment to not only understand one of the tenets of FAFSA simplification, but also assist in addressing future enrollment strategies.  

We know many under-resourced schools do not have the capacity or resources to use NASFAA’s SAI Modeling Tool. To assist those institutions with the tool, we are pleased to announce that NASFAA, through its consulting firm Blue Icon Advisors, will assist under-resourced schools in utilizing the tool at a significantly reduced price. This work is generously sponsored by a grant from Strada Education Foundation.

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Through this grant, Blue Icon will:

  1. Assist institutions to gather the data required for the SAI Modeling Tool.
  2. Help troubleshoot any challenges importing and executing the model.
  3. Interpret the output by providing a brief summary.

Schools can use the summary to determine the number of students impacted and identify possible changes to packaging philosophies and financial aid leveraging, allowing schools to better forecast enrollment targets and budgets.

Normally, the price for this type of consulting assistance and summary report ranges from $3,600 to $4,500. However, thanks to grant funding, we are offering this service at a significant discount and flat rate of $750 per school. 

Note: NASFAA's SAI Modeling Tool is complementary to all NASFAA member institutions. As a result of the grant, the tool is also being made available to non-member Title IV participating schools this fall.  

We expect to complete all modeling tool projects by the end of 2023.

If you are interested in participating in this SAI Modeling Tool opportunity, please submit this short online request form, which also provides an opportunity to select a required intake meeting date. Questions can be directed via email to David Page, Senior Business Development Specialist.

Again, we recognize the magnitude of the changes that are before us, and we want to do our part to ensure you are ready. We are grateful to our many partners that understand your mission to serve students, and NASFAA’s mission to serve you.

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