Waiting to Hear on Waiver Renewals?; Possible Pitfall for Pell Experiment

"As I reported Friday, the Education Department’s latest experimental site aims to help students graduate from college more quickly and cheaply by letting high schoolers use Pell grants to pay for dual enrollment courses. It’s an idea that advocates and some lawmakers have backed, saying that changing the federal aid rules — as the experiment will do for a handful of campuses – would be a boon for low-income students," according to Politico.

"But some supporters of the initiative’s aims are wary of the fact that participants won’t have their lifetime Pell eligibility limits waived. The department did include safeguards in the experiment designed to keep students on track toward completion. ...
National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators President Justin Draeger said NASFAA is still exploring the experiment’s implications. 'Logistical challenges notwithstanding, experimental sites are the right place to test new ideas that can move college access and completion forward.'"

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Publication Date: 11/2/2015

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