What People Are Saying About the Leadership Conference

Idea Lab Participants

"This was a fantastic conference. I felt the information gained at the conference will be extremely helpful in my office."

-  Compliance Management Pathway Attendee

"This was an invaluable professional development opportunity, and I will warmly remember the memories developed here."

-  Association Leadership Pathway Attendee

"The conference is so important.  Listening to other schools, working with other schools and the wealth of information shared is incredible."

- Compliance Management Pathway Attendee

"I love this conference and look forward to being able to return again. It is the perfect size — not too overwhelming and gives a chance to network."

- Previous Attendee

"I loved every part of it. All the sessions have been perfect. This is all new to me, and I was a little nervous. Now, I'm ready to step into that [leadership] role, and I'm psyched!"

- Previous Attendee

"Every day, when you're just so incredibly busy, I barely even have time to go through my emails. I have to step out of that to come to an event like this to gain knowledge. Our overall goal with college students is an investment, and this is an investment, too. It was very beneficial for me to come."

- Previous Attendee

"The panel discussion was really insightful. As a practitioner, it's always really helpful to hear what's going on on the Hill, and then how that translates to our day-to-day duties."

- Previous Attendee