Presenters and Moderators

Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise with other NASFAA members. The information below will provide you with helpful information as you plan your presentation.

What to Expect

  • All interest session rooms will be set theater-style. Peer-to-peer session rooms will be set in rounds. All rooms will have microphones, a screen, and a projector. Please note that presenters must supply their own laptop.
  • Sessions may be recorded and available for live streaming and/or on-demand viewing at an additional cost to in-person and off-site registrants.
  • All presenters and moderators must register and pay to attend the conference.

Session Preparation

Speakers must combine their presentations into one PDF of handouts prior to uploading. Handouts will be included on the Conference app with their corresponding session(s), and indexed on the NASFAA Conference Microsite.

All handouts should meet the following requirements:

  • Presentations must use the 2019 NASFAA National Conference Slideshow Template.
  • Presentations should be saved as Handouts with at least 2 slides per page.
  • Handouts must be saved as an Adobe PDF (.pdf) prior to uploading.
  • Handouts must be renamed using the following format: Session_Title_Keywords_NASFAA19.pdf.
    • Summarize the session title with 3-5 words or a short phrase followed by _NASFAA19. They should include words within the title of the session, but do not need to exactly match, especially if the title is long. Try to choose words or a phrase that may be unique to the presentation.
    • Some examples: Invisible_Struggles_NASFAA19.pdf; Advise_Students_Futuristic_Tools.pdf; Recognizing_Hidden_Bias_PJ.pdf
    • The file names will display within the Conference app, and when they are downloaded, so a descriptive name is an important step to help attendees find your handouts before and after download.
  • Handouts must be smaller than 6 MB. If your handouts are over 6 MB, follow these tips to reduce the size.

We requested you to upload your handouts via the Speakers Corner by June 10, 2019. If you missed this deadline, please upload your handouts as soon as possible.

Additional Materials

Publication Date: 6/10/2019

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