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College Aid Services, LLC


Alex Fuentes, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Brenda Brown, Vice President of Campus Partnerships
Raymond Nault, President/CEO

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Founded in 2002, College Aid Services, LLC is a management and IT consulting firm. We provide higher education solutions that put the puzzle pieces together.

Higher education administrators need reliable and affordable resources to improve student success. Leaders in the offices of Admission, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts are tremendous revenue generators but also significant liabilities to higher education institutions.

To help, we provide a variety of solutions to universities, colleges, and proprietary institutions throughout the country. Our higher education consultants have spent decades in the field working in all aspects of financial aid and higher education assessment and administration.

Regardless of your institutional type (community college versus state university, private versus public, for-profit versus not-for-profit), no challenge is too small or too big. Our team of senior consultants is familiar with Anthology, Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, PowerFAIDS, and the entire EDE suite of products.

Our solutions include: Interim Staffing, Business Process Reviews, Remote Verification, Technology Assessments, Title IV Compliance Support, Business Intelligence, Training, Executive Coaching and Marketing Communications.

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