Department of Education Concurrent Sessions

NASFAA is pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Education will present the sessions below at the 2015 NASFAA National Conference.

150% - A Life Cycle Overview

This session presents an integrated systems life cycle overview of 150% processing. Three major FSA systems are used to implement Subsidized Usage Limit Applies (SULA) requirements – Common Origination and Disbursement (COD), National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS), and Central Processing System (CPS). While each system has a unique role in receiving, evaluating, monitoring, storing, and reporting SULA data, all of the systems are linked and are mutually dependent. The session will focus on the beginning-to-end flow and use of SULA-related data, between schools, FSA systems, and FSA loan servicers.

Presenters: Eric Hardy (U.S. Department of Education), Wood Mason (U.S. Department of Education)

150% Direct Subsidized Loan Limits

This session will provide an overview of the requirements for limiting Direct Subsidized Loan eligibility to the length of 150% of a student's academic program. It will outline Department of Education and school processing requirements for tracking, monitoring, awarding/originating, and reporting Direct Loans. Presenters will suggest ways for schools to warn students who are approaching the 150% borrowing limit and will discuss the timeframes for implementation of the requirements.

Presenters: Ian Foss (U.S. Department of Education), Nathan Arnold (U.S. Department of Education)

COD Update

This session will focus on fully using COD to help manage, monitor, and enhance your Direct Loan operations. Strategies and processing considerations are presented to help you get the most out of the COD system. A wide range of practical tips will be presented, including approaches to managing loan origination edits, using COD reports, setting school specific processing options, and how to get the most value out of COD funding and disbursement information.

Presenter: Wood Mason (U.S. Department of Education)

Consumer Information Requirements

This session will focus on the consumer disclosure requirements that have generated attention and questions over the last several years, such as the memorandum of understanding, executive orders, financial aid shopping sheet and net price calculator. In addition to reviewing the requirements, Department officials will review the tools and resources that are available to help institutions comply with the consumer information provisions.

Presenters: Ashley Higgins (U.S. Department of Education), David Bartnicki (U.S. Department of Education)

Federal Town Hall

Presenters from the U.S. Department of Education will take questions from the audience on any number of different topics covered at the conference.


Gainful Employment

This session will provide information on the Gainful Employment disclosure requirements currently in effect, and an overview of what will be required based on new regulations published on October 31, 2014.

Presenters: Cynthia Hammond (U.S. Department of Education), Greg Martin (U.S. Department of Education)

NSLDS Update

In this session, we will recap the changes made in 2015 to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) websites, reports for schools, and enrollment reporting changes. NSLDS will also inform schools of changes planned for 2016.

Presenter: Eric Hardy (U.S. Department of Education)

Privacy and Data Protection

More than 1.2 billion username/password combinations have been stolen in a series of internet heists affecting 420,000+ websites. Yearly, incidents of major data loss occur at postsecondary educational institutions, potentially compromising the personal data of parents, students, faculty, and alumni. Are you protected? Do you know what to do if there is a data breach? This session defines what you need to know, including: Personally Identifiable Information; sensitivities a breach presents; possible mitigation strategies to avoid a data breach; and steps schools should take if a data breach occurs.

Presenter: Linda Wilbanks (U.S. Department of Education)

Program Review Essentials & Top 10 Compliance Findings

This session will focus on the program review process and common compliance findings. We will conduct a walk-through of the program review process, highlighting the areas with the current “Top 10 Program Review and Audit Findings.” Learn what you can do to improve your school’s program administration and to remain in compliance with Title IV regulations and statutes, and what to expect when it is time for a program review at your school.

Presenter: Scott Prince (U.S. Department of Education)

R2T4 - Credit Hour Programs

This session will focus on the Return of Title IV (R2T4) funds provisions when a student withdraws from a credit-hour program.

Presenters: Dan Klock (U.S. Department of Education), David Musser (U.S. Department of Education)

R2T4 - Module Programs

This session will focus on the Return of Title IV (R2T4) funds when a student withdraws from a program that either is taught in modules or has modules in the program. Examples will be discussed for both clock-hour and credit-hour programs.

Presenters: Dan Klock (U.S. Department of Education), David Musser (U.S. Department of Education)

Repayment Plans

Income-driven repayment plans can provide critical relief for federal student loan borrowers who owe more in federal student loans than they earn in a year and for those who work in public service. This session will provide an overview of FSA’s income-driven repayment plans, including borrower eligibility criteria and loan forgiveness provisions. We will also explain the relationship between income-driven repayment plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Presenters: Ian Foss (U.S. Department of Education), Nathan Arnold (U.S. Department of Education)

State Authorizations

This session will cover the state authorization requirements with which an institution must comply to be eligible for Title IV funding. Both policy and operational considerations will be addressed.

Presenters: Sophia McArdle (U.S. Department of Education), Scott Prince (U.S. Department of Education)

Verification for 2016-17

This session will discuss verification requirements for 2016-17, including FAFSA data subject to verification, changes to verification tracking groups, and acceptable documentation.

Presenters: Jeff Baker (U.S. Department of Education), Carney McCullough (U.S. Department of Education)

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