2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

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Three sponsorship levels (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) are available to promote your brand and showcase new products to NASFAA members even before you set up your exhibit in Austin.

Not sure which level is right for you? Call Mary Nokes at (202)785-6958 or email nokesm@nasfaa.org. Let’s discuss your goals. Together we'll build the appropriate package to effectively deliver your marketing message.

All Sponsorship Level Benefits

  • A sponsorship item (one) from corresponding level from the list below.
  • Logo (Platinum and Gold) or a listing (Silver) on the app, onsite signage, website sponsor page, onsite screens at opening session and awards lunch.
  • Participation in the exhibitor traffic builder.
  • Post conference registration list sent immediately after conference.
  • Ability to indicate new product or service on conference website.

Gold and Platinum Level Sponsorship Additional Benefits

  • Logo on conference homepage
  • Logo on charging stations
  • Company name will be listed on email blasts to conference attendees.
  • Recognition in two Today’s News mentions with links to website (March & May 2018)
  • Pre-conference registration list one month before conference

Platinum Sponsorship Level Additional Benefits

Step One: Choose a Sponsorship Level



Full conference registrations included with sponsorship




Booth space

10x10 booth included  

Booth space   not included

Booth space not included

Financial Aid Business Solutions (FABS) Seminar

Private Meeting Room (PMR)

Choose one: FABS or PMR (second item $1,500 additional)

$2,500 for FABS or PMR (both may be chosen if space is available)

$3,000 for FABS or PMR

Learning Lounge




Note: Non-members pay a 30% premium on fees listed.

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Step Two: Select Item/Event Sponsorships

Each sponsorship level has items and events included with that sponsorship. Once you select your sponsorship level, choose an item/event below.

Platinum Sponsors (select one)
  • *SOLD* Badge Lanyards - All attendees will wear their badge lanyards throughout the conference, making this one of the most visible opportunities. Your company name will be imprinted on the lanyard alongside NASFAA name.
  • *SOLD* Conference Registration Bags - Display your company name or logo with the NASFAA logo on each bag available at registration. 
  • *SOLD* Conference App - Your company will have exclusive advertising in the mobile app available to all attendees. We will highlight your company as the top sponsor of NASFAA in the mobile app and in materials promoting the mobile app to attendees. 
  • *SOLD* Opening Session - Be recognized as the sponsor at the opening session with our opening speaker in welcome greeting from the podium.
  • Relax and Recharge Lounge - Sponsor the Relax and Recharge lounge and be a hero to attendees that seek neck and back massages. The sponsorship includes a branded charging station inside the lounge for attendees to charge their mobile devices while "recharging" themselves with a massage.
  • Room Key Cards - Everyday, several times a day, NASFAA conference attendees will look at your logo. Hotels participating TBD as of August  2018. Note: sponsor is responsible for the costs to print the cards and any fees charged by the hotels.
  • *SOLD* Water Bottles - Keep attendees hydrated by providing water bottles to attendees as they check-in at registration. NASFAA will provide coolers throughout the convention center for attendees to refill. Bonus - you will be helping the conference "go green" by sponsoring the reusable water bottles.
  • *SOLD* Wi-Fi - Free internet access is the service most requested by NASFAA attendees. This sponsorship is certain to garner the sponsor much positive attention. As the sponsor of Wi-Fi access your company will be recognized on the internet access screen all attendees must view to log into the internet, on Wi-Fi log-in instructions on badge, in the program, on signage, and anywhere else the Wi-Fi access code is given.
Gold Sponsors (select one)
  • *SOLD* Notepads - Notepads will available to attendees. As the sponsor, your company logo will be imprinted on each page of the notepad, along with the NASFAA logo.
  • *SOLD* Schedule at a Glance - Each attendee uses the Schedule at a Glance to navigate their way through the conference daily. Your logo will be displayed on the front cover.
  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday “Grab and Go” Breakfast Package - Attendees will thank you for their morning coffee! Sponsors receive recognition on the schedule and breakfast signs near the breakfast.
  • *SOLD* Monday and Tuesday Morning Beverage Breaks - These breaks will be set in the exhibit hall and near sessions. Sponsor will be recognized on signage, on the schedule, and has option to provide logo-branded napkins (at company's expense).
  • Sunday Night Opening Reception in Exhibit Hall - Signage in the hall and noted in the program. You have the opportunity to provide napkins or a gift ($10 or less) at company’s expense.
  • Monday Networking Lunch in the Exhibit Hall - Your company will be recognized on lunch signs, on the schedule.
  • Twitter - As the official NASFAA Twitter sponsor of the 2018 National Conference you will be recognized on the conference website, on the Twitter feed, and in tweets and promotional materials sent by NASFAA to attendees prior to the conference. There will also be a monitor, branded with your company logo, displayed near a high-traffic area at the conference, which will show a live stream of tweets throughout the conference.
  • *SOLD* Tuesday Lunch (Business Lunch and Awards) - Your company will be recognized on the large screens, lunch signs, on the schedule, and from the podium, and you will have the opportunity to provide a gift or literature packet (at company's expense). Gifts and giveaways (not more than $10 value total) are an option at company's expense.
Silver Sponsors (select one)
  • *SOLD* First-Time Attendee Experience - As the sponsor of the first-time attendee experience package you will be recognized at various events throughout the conference designed to welcome our first-time attendees. This package includes:
    • Your logo listed on the "First-Timers" page on the NASFAA conference website.
    • Recognition at the "First-Time Conference Attendees Kick-off Networking Event" on Sunday afternoon. As the sponsor, you can provide materials to be distributed during this event.
  • *SOLD* Luggage tags - Your logo with NASFAA’s logo for 2018 Austin Conference
  • Pens - Company provides pens with your logo for attendees. Approximately 2,200 required.
  • *SOLD* Photo booth - company logo with NASFAA logo on photo booth/pictures at Sunday night opening reception.
  • *SOLD* Monday Night Un-Wine-d Hour - Signage in the hall, noted in the program. You can provide napkins or a gift ($10 or less) at company’s expense.
  • Today’s News Promotion (available for 2 sponsors) - Today’s News is an excellent opportunity. Sponsor will have the opportunity to submit blurbs (100-word limit) for inclusion in NASFAA’s Today’s News email. The blurb will include a link with a direct path to the web address of your choosing. The blurb will be highlighted/called-out within the Today’s News email and each sponsor will can submit up to two blurbs between dates of sign-up and July 31, 2018. 

Sponsorship Benefit Details

Financial Aid Business Solutions (FABS) Seminar - Receive two 60-minute seminar time slots to promote your expertise and/or your products and services. Each seminar must be approved by NASFAA that reserves the right to limit the number of participating organizations of any type (e.g. lenders, software companies, etc.), or to limit seminars on the same topic. FABS are held concurrently with Interest Sessions and are listed in the online program, app, and Schedule at a Glance.  Your sponsorship level determines the cost. You may present the same topic twice or two different topics. Please submit your FABS topic online by April 6, 2018

Private Meeting Room (PMR) - A meeting room in the convention center for your exclusive use Sunday through Tuesday. Room set, catering, internet, electrical needs should be ordered directly through the Austin Convention Center. The room will be empty unless you provide specs to the hotel. Once the PMR is paid for, you will receive the contact name at the convention center and more details on room set up. Please contact Mary Nokes for room location.

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