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David EpsteinKeynote Speaker: David Epstein

NASFAA is delighted to welcome New York Times best-selling author David Epstein as the opening session speaker on Monday, June 29 at NASFAA 2020, the association’s annual, national conference, held this year in Las Vegas, Nev.

Epstein, a former investigative journalist at ProPublica and Sports Illustrated, is the author of two best-selling books: "The Sports Gene," which inspired his 2014 TED Talk, viewed more than 12 million times, and "Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World," which has been hailed as "an essential read for bosses, parents, coaches, and anyone who cares about improving performance." 

As the world becomes increasingly specialized, Epstein argues through his keynotes why generalists are primed to excel in any field, particularly those that are quickly changing and difficult to automate, and debunks the myth that the only path to success is through specializing in one area with a narrow focus. With a background in science writing, investigative journalism, and data, Epstein dissects the "science of success" to guide his audiences with concrete steps to improve their performance.

Mark your calendar for 4:00 p.m. on Monday, June 29 to make sure you don't miss what is sure to be an inspirational kick-off to this year's national conference.

Benjamin Kennedy & Rebecca FowlerPre-Conference Session Speakers: Benjamin C. Kennedy, M.Ed. and Rebecca Fowler, MPH

Benjamin C. Kennedy, M.Ed. (he/him), a transgender educator, published author, and community organizer, and Rebecca Fowler, MPH (she/her), a recent graduate of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who focused on reproductive justice, LGBTQ health, health disparities, and gender-based violence, will host an interactive pre-conference session on how to make your office more inclusive and empowering spaces for trans students. 

A graduate of the University of Vermont, Benjamin worked at the university in student affairs, taught a lecture series, and served as a member of over 12 campus and community committees. As a student activist, he was involved in dozens of campus and community organizations, and as an educator he developed a unique approach to pedagogy. While studying at Hopkins, Rebecca worked as a research assistant in gender analysis and was engaged with local LGTBQ non-profits. 

Benjamin and Rebecca will overview gender identities and issues, research supporting the importance of this critical work, and specific strategies for working with transgender students. Using humor, real-life examples, and their narratives and experiences, they hope to cultivate a space of honest curiosity and authentic discussion surrounding an often-intimidating topic.

Publication Date: 1/27/2020

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