Presenters and Moderators

Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise with other NASFAA members. The information below will provide you with helpful information as you plan your presentation.

How to Submit a Proposal

  1. Submit Your Session Proposal Online no later than October 23.
  2. The Conference Program Task Force will review all submissions in November and make selections for inclusion on the program.
  3. Submitters will be notified of status after the selection process has taken place.

Information Required for Submission

  • Session Format:
    • Interest Sessions - These sessions typically consist of approximately 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A.
    • Peer-to-Peer Sessions - These are more interactive sessions, with a lot of audience participation. The presenter/moderator sets objectives and goals for the audience, discusses the topic for no more than 15-20 minutes, and then uses the remaining time to guide and facilitate a discussion with the audience.
    • Half-Day Workshops - Workshops are two hours in length. They are longer than other sessions to allow for more in-depth coverage of a topic and interaction between attendees.
  • Session Title: Not too long, but descriptive. Quickly, what is your session about?
  • Session Description: No more than 100 words
  • Target Audience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All
  • Audience Hook: How will you engage the audience?
  • Session Applies to: Credit Type and School Type
  • Willing to repeat: Yes/No
  • Track: Advocacy, Forum, Professional Development & Management, or Training
  • Subcategory: Compliance, Enrollment & Retention, Graduate & Professional Issues, Leader/Manager’s, Regulatory Implementation, or Research & Data Analysis
  • Speakers: Name, Title, School, Email
  • Moderator (if applicable): Name, Title, School, Email

Submit Your Session Proposal

What to Expect

  • Dependent upon topic and room assignment, session rooms will either be set theater-style or a mix of classroom and theater. Peer-to-Peer session rooms will be set in rounds. All rooms will have microphones, a screen, and a projector. Please note that presenters must supply their own laptop.
  • Sessions may be recorded and available to conference attendees as Executive Summaries at no additional cost. Non-attendees may be able to purchase the session recordings and/or summaries.
  • All presenters and moderators must register and pay to attend the conference.

Session Prep

After sessions are selected, NASFAA’s Speaker's Corner will become available, in which speakers and moderators will be able to provide session information and submit session handout materials.

Additional Materials

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