Registration is now open! Join us online in July.

Virtual Conference Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Institutional Registration" mean?

Only one person from your institution/organization needs to register the institution for the overall conference, then everyone on your NASFAA roster can register for individual sessions.


How can I tell if someone from my institution/organization has registered for the virtual event?

If another person at your institution/organization has already registered, contact information and connection instructions will display instead of the full registration process.


When are registration fees due?

Registration fee must be submitted at the time of registration. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.


Where can I view my registration confirmation and invoice?

Visit the myNASFAA Transactions & Involvement tab to review registration information. "NASFAA 2024 Virtual Conference" will appear at the top of the list, even if someone else completed the registration process for you. 


What is the cancellation policy?

Since all sessions can be accessed, both live and on demand (except the NASFAA Credential Training), by any member on your institution's roster, no cancellations are allowed and no refunds will be issued.


How long is the conference?

The conference will consist of several sessions of programming from July 8-11, 2024.


Is the virtual conference covered in the NASFAA Webinar Package or Value Plus Membership benefit?

No. They are separate, and are not included.


How do I access my certificate of attendance from a session I already attended?

You can access the on-demand version of the webinar and download your certificate of attendance. All sessions are being recorded, except for the NASFAA Credential Training session.


How many recertification points (RPs) do FAACs earn for attending the Virtual Conference?

FAACs can earn up to 24 RPs. See the table below to see the RP breakdown.





2024 NASFAA Virtual Conference 

(July 8-11, 2024)


Attendance at a Professional Conference: 2024 NASFAA Virtual Conference

At least one certificate of attendance

Pre-Conference Diversity Session 

(July 8, 2024)


Financial Aid Related Training: Virtual Pre-Conference Diversity Session

Certificate of attendance 

NASFAA Credential Training: 

Need Analysis

(July 8, 2024, access to credential test requires live attendance, not available on-demand)


Financial Aid Related Training: NASFAA Authorized Event Workshop

Certificate of attendance 

Need Analysis Credential 

(complete within the 40-day testing window) 


Financial Aid Related Training: Credential Earned (during the recertification period)

Credential certificate