2019 Conference Task Forces

2019 National Conference Mentor Task Force

Attending the NASFAA National conference for the first time can be an overwhelming experience, even more so if you are attending alone. We want attendees to have a great time and come back year after year. While NASFAA has always hosted a welcome reception for first-time attendees, we continue to look for creative ways to help first-time attendees connect with colleagues. The Conference Mentor Task Force will develop and organize conference activities for mentors and first-time attendees. All members of this task force will be required to attend the 2019 NASFAA Conference and participate in conference mentor activities prior to the conference and on-site.


2019 National Conference Local Arrangements Task Force

The Local Arrangements Task Force is one of two task forces that assist in planning of the 2019 NASFAA National Conference. It is chartered with the goal of soliciting volunteers for the registration, information desk and directional personnel. It also manages the on-site information desk during the conference.

Volunteer selection is currently in process for this task force.

2019 National Conference Program Task Force 

The National Conference Program Task Force is chartered with the goal of ensuring quality educational sessions are offered at the conference. The educational sessions must reach the various interests and sectors of the NASFAA membership.

  • Chair: Michelle Trame, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Commission Director: Karen Krause, University of Texas, Arlington
  • Members:
    • EASFAA: Thelma Ross, Prince George's Community College
    • MASFAA: Emily Osborn, Northwestern University Chicago Campus
    • SASFAA: Steve Booker, Rollins College
    • SWASFAA: Diane Todd Sprague, University of Texas at Austin
    • RMASFAA: Justin Chase Brown, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
    • RMASFAA: Brenda Hicks, Southwestern College
    • WASFAA: Tara Souders, Universal Technical Institute
  • NASFAA Staff Liaisons: Jennifer Jackson, Dana Kelly and Debra LaGrone
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