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Regent Education
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Heather Hodgson, Vice President, Marketing

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Regent Education is the leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that automate financial aid management processes, student financial planning, scholarship management, and state financial aid applications. These solutions offer institutions an unprecedented ability to increase efficiency, mitigate compliance risks, expand enrollment, and improve the student experience.
• REGENT AWARD automates packaging, repackaging, and disbursements as much as 90% across all enrollment models.
• REGENT REVIEW streamlines the verification process.
• REGENT PLAN helps students minimize debt with informed, dynamic financial aid planning aids, smart borrowing tools, and improved counseling and contact support.
• REGENT FUND accelerates optimal awarding and minimizes staff workload by leveraging extensive two-way data integration, automated workflows, and built-in logic.
• REGENT ACCESS accelerates student aid delivery to undocumented students by providing an online experience that mirrors the FAFSA.
Regent has been focused exclusively on financial aid and building dedicated financial aid software for more than ten years, guided by our financial aid experts who collectively have more than 230 years of financial aid experience.
Annually, institutions using Regent award $2 billion in financial aid to more than 500,000 students.
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