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Additional Tips

Use the Conference as a Professional Development Opportunity

When discussing the NASFAA Leadership & Legislative Conference & Expo with your manager, tie your career goals and future development to specific sessions and training opportunities or knowledge you need.

If you are an FAAC®, remind them that you are required to earn 60 Recertification Points (RPs) every three years through training and professional development. Attendance at the Leadership Conference will qualify for 8 RPs as an experience that will contribute greatly to your continuing education.


Offer to Train Others in What You Learned

You can pitch your trip to the NASFAA Leadership Conference as a way to bring knowledge and information back to the rest of your organization. You can train your colleagues on best practices, tips, trends, and processes you learned at the conference. 


Create a Trip Report

You can use your trip report to teach others about the sessions you attended. Providing a quick two- to three-page summary will trigger colleagues to ask you questions to learn more. You can also offer to meet with your manager when you return for a recap of the NASFAA Leadership Conference.

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Meet with NASFAA Colleagues

When you attend the NASFAA Leadership Conference, you have the opportunity to speak with NASFAA staff responsible for serving your school and also with staff who are in charge of developing NASFAA programs and services. By asking questions and providing feedback, you can ensure that your school's voice is heard, and you can also take back answers to your school's program-specific questions.