Call for Presentations - Required Information for Submission

Please note that the deadline for NASFAA 2020 presentation submissions has passed.

The following information was collected upon submission of a session proposal.  Incomplete proposals typically do not score as high when reviewed by the Conference Program Task Force. Unless your session is school- or credit type-specific, it is also recommended to have presenters from multiple schools types to give it broader appeal.

  1. Submitter Contact Information
  2. Track (choose one)
    • Compliance
    • Enrollment & Retention
    • Research & Data Analysis
    • Graduate & Professional Issues
    • Leadership/Manager’s
    • Regulatory Implementation
  3. Session Title
  4. Session Summary (for web - less than 100 words)
  5. Target Audience (choose one)
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
    • All
  6. Audience Hook
    • Describe how you are going to engage the audience
    • This is for internal session review purposes only
  7. Credit Type (choose type the session applies to)
    • Clock Hours
    • Credit Hours
    • Both
  8. School Type (choose type the session applies to)
    • Community College
    • Graduate/Professional
    • Private School
    • Proprietary School
    • Public School
    • All Schools
  9. Moderator
    • Name, Title, School, Email
  10. Presenters
    • Name, Title, School, Email

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Publication Date: 11/1/2019

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