Call for Presentations - Required Information for Submission

The following information will be collected upon submission of a session proposal.  Incomplete proposals typically do not score as high when reviewed by the Conference Program Task Force. Unless your session is school- or credit type-specific, it is also recommended to have presenters from multiple school types to give it broader appeal. We urge you to ensure you have diverse perspectives on your panel as NASFAA will use the diversity of session presenters as one of the criteria in conference session selection.

Submit a Session Proposal

  1. Submitter Contact Information
  2. Track (choose one) 
    • Compliance
    • Enrollment & Retention
    • Graduate & Professional Issues
    • Leadership/Manager's
    • Regulatory Implementation
    • Research & Data Analysis
  3. Session Title
  4. Session Summary (for web - less than 100 words)
  5. Target Audience (choose one) 
    • Beginner (2 or less years experience)
    • Intermediate (3-7 years experience)
    • Advanced (8 or more years experience)
    • All
  6. Audience Hook 
    • Describe how you are going to engage the audience
    • This is for internal session review purposes only and must be less than 100 words
  7. Credit Type (choose type the session applies to) 
    • Clock Hours
    • Credit Hours
    • Both
  8. School Type (choose type the session applies to) 
    • Community College
    • Graduate/Professional
    • Private School
    • Proprietary School
    • Public School
    • All Schools
  9. Moderator 
    • Name, Title, School, Email
  10. Presenters 
    • Name, Title, School, Email

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