Blue Icon Board of Managers

The role of the Board of Managers is to monitor Blue Icon's management team, ensuring that NASFAA members' interests are well-served by establishing broad policies and providing strategic and fiscal oversight.

Mindy ElineLead Manager 
Mindy Eline
Blue Icon Executive Director


Mitch WeintraubTreasurer
Mitch Weintraub
Managing Partner, Cordia Partners
Blue Icon CFO

Alex DeLonis, FAACSecretary
Alex DeLonis
Associate Dean for Enrollment Management, Director of Financial Aid
Wabash College
NASFAA Board Treasurer 

Justin DraegerJustin Draeger
NASFAA President/CEO


Zita BarreeZita Barree
Director of Financial Aid
Hampden-Sydney College 


Rachelle FeldmanRachelle Feldman
Vice Provost, Enrollment 
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Francisco ValinesFrancisco Valines
Director of Financial Aid 
Florida International University 



Publication Date: 10/23/2023

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