System Optimization, Utilization, Training

Successful financial aid delivery depends on the effective use of technology. The aid office relies on the financial aid management system for everything they do, including importing records, communicating with students, performing verification, awarding and disbursing aid, completing R2T4 calculations, and all the associated reporting requirements.

The financial aid office must have access to technically-proficient staff who can maximize their system utilization, help achieve efficiencies through automation, and assist with technical glitches. 

Adept technical staff with functional financial aid expertise and experience can be hard to find and retain, and for many schools, budget constraints prohibit hiring technical team members. As a result, financial aid systems often remain underutilized, allowing inefficiencies to diminish the effectiveness of the financial aid office.

"Our project with Blue Icon Advisors went smoothly. There was some initial hesitation from some, but the consultants' knowledge and non-threatening approach put everyone at ease. The final report we received is allowing us to lobby for additional resources we need to run more efficiently. We look forward to working with Blue Icon again." 

-Joseph Greene, Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration at Johnson & Wales University

If your school uses PowerFAIDS®, Ellucian Banner®, Ellucian Colleague®, or Oracle's PeopleSoft®, Blue Icon is ready to work with you on your systems projects. Maximizing your current system can help free up staff resources for other student-facing initiatives. Blue Icon can help with:

  • System optimizations
  • Regular system maintenance
  • New aid year setups
  • File integrations
  • Algorithms and custom data fields
  • Complex reports and data sets
  • Budgeting and packaging functions
  • Student communications
  • Implementation assistance
  • Testing support
  • Data conversions
  • Staff training on system operations

Business operations for the financial aid office require reliable technology that supports your efficient processing. If you cannot hire in-house functional-technical staff, or your current staff need additional support, contact Blue Icon today. 

Ready to tackle your system projects?

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