Leadership Staffing

Financial aid offices must have strong leaders to ensure students receive financial aid in a timely fashion, keep the school in compliance with federal aid rules and regulations, and keep leadership apprised of critical financial aid needs and activities. 

Whether your school needs to fill a short- or long-term vacancy, Blue Icon can help. 

Blue Icon recruits and hires practicing financial aid administrators, as well as financial aid professionals who made the decision to become full-time consultants. The full-time consultants fill the full-time staffing/leader roles, but the currently practicing aid administrators can support interim staffing needs when you have flexible, part-time, or remote opportunities available. 

We will only provide a Scope of Work with pricing if we have identified the perfect candidate to meet your needs AND they have agreed to the position. If we cannot meet your requirements, we will let you know as quickly as possible. 

Note: All positions are remote, but onsite placements may be available in the future.

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