Napier Executive Search

Blue Icon has teamed up with Napier Executive Search to ensure new financial aid directors are equipped with the training and support they need to thrive in new roles.

All financial aid director searches conducted by Napier Executive Search will include a customized package of Blue Icon Advisors' virtual Group Coaching or one-on-one Executive Coaching.  The package will be provided to the hiring institution and made available to the selected candidate so they can further their own professional development after beginning their new position.

With years of successful experience working with colleges and universities across the country, Napier Executive Search, a search firm focusing on higher education enrollment management searches, excels at identifying an institution's needs and finding the right candidate.

Blue Icon is pursuing additional partnerships that will allow us to build on NASFAA's strong reputation as a reliable source for training and development for the financial aid profession.

Blue Icon and Napier

Publication Date: 10/22/2020

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