Consulting Opportunity: Financial Aid Systems Managers (part-time, remote)

Blue Icon Advisors, NASFAA Consulting, is seeking experienced financial aid professionals to join our roster of independent consultants to fill systems management, training, and consulting engagements. Systems managers are able to set up and perform user-based batch functions (such as automated packaging or data file transfers) as well as large-scale system functions (such as annual system setup and rule maintenance). System consulting opportunities are usually part-time for the length of the engagement and may include remote and/or on-site work.

Qualifications, as demonstrated by application materials
  • At least 5 years of experience in administering Title IV federal financial aid.
  • At least 5 years in a financial aid systems management position.
  • Leadership in troubleshooting problems and implementing solutions to increase financial aid processing efficiency and system effectiveness.
  • Experience in training other system users at all levels.
Time Commitment

Consulting assignments allow for maximum flexibility, especially when you are already working. As a consultant, you would be presented with a rough timeline, rate of pay, and project deliverables so you can make an informed decision to accept or decline a project based on your time and availability. 


We start every consultant at the same competitive hourly rate, which is paid monthly. Consultants who lead teams of other consultants on larger projects may receive a higher hourly rate. 

If you're interested in joining Blue Icon as an independent consultant, please complete the ONLINE APPLICATION today. Send questions about the application process to BLUE ICON.

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Publication Date: 11/17/2021

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