Consulting Opportunity: P&P Gurus

If you have at least five years of financial aid experience and are directly involved in developing and/or maintaining your school's policies and procedures (P&Ps), we urge you to consider becoming an independent consultant for Blue Icon Advisors. 

Blue Icon is growing at a rapid pace and we need experienced financial aid professionals who live and breathe P&Ps and are ready to share their knowledge with schools across the country. 

P&P projects include uploading a school's existing written documentation into NASFAA's P&P Builder, performing a gap analysis and compliance review, and working with the school to write their missing or non-compliant P&Ps.

We often get asked about the time commitment and pay for consultants working on P&P projects. 

Time Commitment

P&P projects allow for maximum flexibility, especially when you are already working. As a consultant, you would be presented with a rough timeline, rate of pay, and project deliverables so you can make an informed decision to accept or decline a project based on your time and availability. On average, P&P projects take five to 10 hours per week, with most of the work taking place in the evenings or on weekends.


We start every consultant at the same competitive hourly rate, which is paid monthly. Consultants who lead teams of other consultants on larger P&P projects receive a higher hourly rate. 

If you're interested in joining Blue Icon as an independent consultant focused on P&P work, please complete the online application today. Feel free to send questions about the application process to Blue Icon.

Publication Date: 11/9/2021

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