Blue Icon's team of coaches and consultants have years of experience to share with new and experienced financial aid and enrollment management professionals to help you achieve your professional goals.

What is Coaching?

A coach can serve as a sounding board to discuss issues or problems by helping you see blind spots, providing unbiased insight, and serving as a compass. Coaches can also provide training and consultation to close financial aid and leadership knowledge gaps. Your coach can also open your mind to new ideas and help you navigate challenges to meet goals.  

There are two coaching options available, Executive Coaching and Group Coaching, described below. Read this article for more information about how executive and group coaching can benefit you and your career goals. 

Executive Coaching: Trusted Advisor Program

Have you started a new job or been promoted? Are you navigating unexpected changes at your institution? Do you need training or advice on a specific financial aid topic? There are many ways financial aid professionals can benefit from a one-on-one experience with a coach from the Blue Icon Advisors' Trusted Advisor Program.  

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Group Coaching: Three Options

As an alternative to one-on-one coaching, group coaching is a great choice. Each cohort is limited in number, offering you an opportunity to expand your network and receive feedback and input from multiple perspectives. There are three options to choose from:

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Blue Icon coaches have a knack for problem-solving, training, and leading. Does that sound like you?

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