Aspiring Director Group Coaching

Aspiring Directors

If your goal is to become a financial aid director,  we invite you to participate in a professional development opportunity designed especially for you, Aspiring Director Group Coaching!*

  • Deep dive into four essential topics (described below).
  • Build your financial aid leadership skills.
  • Receive practical advice from experienced financial aid leaders.
  • Meet your peers and form a professional network.
  • Participate in active weekly discussions.
  • A six-week virtual experience. No travel required.
  • A cost- and time-effective way to engage in professional development.
  • Additional details below.

*If you are a current director, please see New Director Group Coaching and Executive Coaching. Or, email Blue Icon to explore other professional coaching opportunities.

Read this article for more information about how group coaching can benefit you and your career goals. 


Weekly online meetings take place each Friday, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET for six weeks.

Upcoming Sessions
Start Date First Meeting Date Registration Deadline Registration Link

February 28, 2022

March 4, 2022

February 25, 2022


June 6, 2022*

June 10, 2022

June 3, 2022


*No session will be held July 2 , 2021, November 26, 2021, or July 1, 2022.

Weekly meetings are recorded for those who develop unexpected conflicts during the 6-week period. However, live virtual attendance is needed each week for dialog and conversation as we discuss application of ideas and concepts.


Your group will dig deep into the following essential topics during the 6-week experience.

  • Financial Aid Director 101
    Objectives: To understand the skills and competencies required to be a successful financial aid director, including relationship building, managing up, down, and across the institution, and building your personal brand.
  • Compliance as the Director
    Objectives: To identify and discuss available compliance resources and the purposes of each, and to provide practical applications to guide institutional decisions and opportunities that support enrollment goals while maintaining compliance. 
  • Enrollment Management 101
    Objectives: To provide an overview of the enrollment management lifecycle and explore the role of the director and financial aid office in recruiting and retaining students, data stewardship and utilization, leveraged aid models, and the student service experience.
  • Policies and Procedures
    Objectives: To learn how to build, seek buy-in, implement, and evaluate effective policies and procedures that support institutional enrollment goals and compliance; to move from theoretical concepts to completing a capstone project and final presentation demonstrating policies and procedures that highlight all the elements of the course.

Group Size

Each group will include 5 to 14  individuals. Please note: If the minimum number of individuals for a group is not met, the group may be canceled and a refund provided. Registrants for a cancelled group will be given preference for the next scheduled group.


The October 2021, March & June 2022 Sessions are $995 for Members and $1,095 for Non-members and includes all six weeks.

Required Equipment

To participate, you must have a working webcam on your computer, the ability to participate via  speakers and a microphone (either computer or phone), as well as access to Zoom video conferencing software (accounts are free at and Google classroom. To ensure the best possible experience, participants are strongly discouraged from participating by phone only. 

Time Commitment

For each week, your time commitment will include two hours for the group meeting, plus 1-4 hours to complete the homework assignments. 

CFAA Recertification Points and/or Letter of Completion

Available for those who participate in all six sessions and complete the six homework assignments.

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