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Blue Icon Advisors is looking for seasoned professionals to join our team of independent consultants. Independent consultants are not Blue Icon employees. Assignments for independent consultants do not provide full-time work. If you have any questions about our independent consulting opportunities, please send us an email.

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Independent Consultants: What You Need to Know

Blue Icon contracts with independent consultants to perform work for school clients by matching the needs of the school with the expertise of the consultant. Work may take place onsite or virtually (via email, phone, or video), depending on the needs of the school.

Before You Apply
  • Independent consultants must sign an annual independent contractor agreement.
  • Once you are assigned to a specific project, you will be asked to sign a scope of work for that project, which will include timelines, deadlines, and payment details.
  • To receive payment for work performed, you will need to submit an invoice and/or time records, as outlined in the project's scope of work.
  • Because independent consultants sign an agreement with Blue Icon, it is recommended that you have permission from your institution and/or immediate supervisor to represent yourself as a financial aid expert, if currently employed.
  • Consultants may be brought in before an engagement is secured to participate in the initial fact-finding meetings or when developing tasks needed to create the proposals.
  • Since work may take place during the week, independent consultants must take time off from work, if currently employed.
  • Some contracts may allow work to take place at night or on the weekend.
  • For on-site assignments, you must be willing to travel and have a valid U.S. Driver's License. For interim assignments longer than a week, you cannot be currently working full-time elsewhere.
  • Unless included in the scope of work, travel, hotel, and meal expenses for on-site reviews are reimbursed in accordance with Blue Icon's travel policy.
  • Independent consultants are not Blue Icon employees. Assignments for independent consultants do not provide full-time work.
How To Apply

To be considered as an independent consultant, you must apply online and provide the requested documentation. 

Minimum Requirements
  • At least five years of experience in administering Title IV federal financial aid. For interim leadership assignments, this experience must be at the director level or above.
  • A demonstrated ability to analyze problems and communicate creative and thoughtful solutions.
  • The ability to take direction, but also be a self-starter.
  • Thorough knowledge of Title IV student financial aid regulations and the higher education landscape. Preference given to applicants with NASFAA credentials and/or the FAAC® designation. 
  • Experience with financial aid operations, automation, and/or implementing corrective action plans.
  • A background working with major financial aid management systems, such as PeopleSoft, Banner, PowerFAIDS, Colleague, WorkDay, or Regent.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills.
Potential Project Descriptions

Examples of projects independent consultants have been asked to perform are below. As Blue Icon grows and adapts to the needs of the community, this list will continue to change.

Interim Director/Leader

Assist during peak processing times, staff absences, and vacancies for director-level and above positions. For on-site assignments, you must be willing to travel, have a valid U.S. Driver's License, and not be currently working at a college or university. Interim leaders are matched to meet the needs of each school.

Policies & Procedures Audit

Review the school's P&Ps for compliance issues, write missing pieces, and/or move them into NASFAA's P&P Builder.  This project may include staff training on using the NASFAA P&P Builder, which features notifications on regulatory changes so the school can easily update the manual from year to year.

Compliance Assessment

Review procedures on specific topics to ensure compliance with federal Title IV rules and regulations, and provide a report of findings with a priority order to address the highest liability issues.  (Full compliance reviews of all Title IV rules will be handled through our Standards of Excellence Review Program.)

Operations Review

Evaluate the financial aid office organizational size and structure, functional tasks, technology use, and workflow to identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies.  The final report will provide recommendations to improve effectiveness, customer service, and staff performance. (Note: Our Standards of Excellence Review Program includes a similar evaluation with the addition of a full compliance review.)

Customized Training

Provide federal Title IV compliance training to the staff, either on-site or via video/web conferencing.  Consultants must have NASFAA credentials in the topics presented. Customer service and professional development training are also available.

Management/Leadership Coaching

Help develop skills for a new or aspiring director, positioning the leader (and the financial aid office) at the institution, and effectively managing employees and projects.  

Customer Service Evaluation

Explore the current state of student satisfaction through the use of student surveys, engaging directly with students (available on-site only), conversations with staff, and a review of student-facing communications.  The final report will provide recommendations for improvements or training and compiled survey data.  

Enrollment Management Advising

Focused consulting on how financial aid can assist with the institution's enrollment management goals.

Custom Projects

If a project is not outlined above, Blue Icon Advisors will work with the school to assess the needs and how best to address them. For instance, if the school is undergoing an software implementation, the consultant may work with school staff and the software provider to offer financial aid prospective and guidance.

Standards of Excellence Peer Reviewer

As a peer reviewer, you will work as part of a team of two to four reviewers and travel across the country to institutions similar to our own. Your team will conduct one-on-one interviews, review student files and other documentation, and more.

Program Review Response Team

As part of the program review response team, you will guide the school through the program review process with confidence. This may include preparing the school, navigating and responding to  requests,and assisting with corrective actions.

Apply to be an Independent Consultant

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