Whether you need to find a reporting error, re-imagine your staffing and structure, or improve customer service to students, Blue Icon is ready to assist.

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Compliance and Operational Reviews

Ensuring compliance with the federal financial aid rules, while remaining operationally efficient, are two common areas in which schools struggle. Blue Icon Advisors can help your institution excel through a variety of evaluations designed to meet your needs, time, and budget. In-person and off-site options are available.  Learn More >>

Customer Service Evaluations

Explore the current state of student satisfaction through the use of student surveys, interviews with students and staff, and a review of student-facing communications. If your school is experiencing long lines or unhappy students, we can help find the root of the problem and recommend changes to improve student satisfaction at your institution.

We also provide a student satisfaction comparative analysis to compare your student satisfaction data to other schools from across the country.

Enrollment Management Advising

Focused consulting to help institutions meet their enrollment management goals. We work with your leadership team or with your existing software or management consultant to ensure financial aid and enrollment management issues are being addressed completely and appropriately with the best allocation of available resources.

Custom Projects

Since all of our projects are customized to meet your specific needs, you will never pay for services you don't need. If you are looking for a service that is not described on this site, please contact us so we can assess your needs and determine the best way forward.  

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