Blue Icon Advisors is here to help you, your financial aid office, your school, and ultimately your students. Below are a few testimonials from some of our satisfied clients who have already seen a positive impact from their work with Blue Icon. 

Policies & Procedures

Dr. Christina Tangalakis"The consultants are so knowledgeable about federal regulations, that I have great confidence in their work product. I've worked with other consultants in other contexts and I have not always had this degree of confidence."

- Dr. Christina Tangalakis, Associate Dean of Financial Aid, Certified Financial Aid Administrator®, Glendale Community College


"Blue Icon worked with us to determine how to best meet our needs by listening to our challenges and what we were trying to achieve. Once the staff understood our needs, they provided a range of options to meet our timeline, desired outcomes, and budget. Our Blue Icon consultant and staff executed the project plan as planned and always strived to go above and beyond expectations. We would not hesitate to work with them again!"

- Robin Randall, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Mount Holyoke College

"I feel that the atmosphere of the office has improved since implementing our onboarding process [developed with Blue Icon Advisors] because it is not only helpful for new staff, but seasoned staff feels as if we are working to better equip everyone and take into consideration their ideas as well."

- Lisa Namken, Assistant Director, Sam Houston State University

"We wanted assistance evaluating our PharmD awarding practices to ensure they were compliant and how they compared to other PharmD programs. Blue Icon Advisors provided a consultant who not only had experience awarding PharmD students programs, but also researched practices at other institutions. The project affirmed that our awarding practices were in line with federal regulations and provided considerations for changing our model while continuing to remain in compliance."

- Elizabeth Goreham, Director of Student Financial Services, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

"I'm pleased with Blue Icon Advisors' review of our student employment operations. We were able to use the results of the evaluation to advocate for necessary resources."

- Anthony Gallonio, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Service

"With our consultant's help the University was able to see their options for calendars. It is now understood there must be buy-in from the faculty because the length of classes will have to change to provide a module calendar that allows for cross enrollment."

-A Satisfied Blue Icon client    

New Director Group Coaching

"Blue Icon Advisors New Director Group Coaching was a great support group in my first year as a director. The weekly discussions and materials touched on key topics that will help me be successful. The consultants provided positive feedback and had their own experiences that they could add to the conversation." 

- Marie Fico, Director of Student Financial Services, St. John Fisher College

Sharon Griffin"I thought the group coaching was amazing. In my opinion, all new directors should enroll. The weekly homework assignment was challenging due to everything going on with COVID-19, but the assignments were necessary and gave us a hands-on opportunity to create a model for our own institution. The instructors were knowledgeable and willing to help at all times. The group coaching was exactly what I needed to guide me to the next level of office professionalism."

- Sharon R. Griffin, Interim Director of Financial Aid, Saint Augustine's University

Tiffany Williams"Participating in this course helped me to see the importance of mentorship as it pertains to financial aid leadership. It also helped me to realize that while I was on the right track with our team, some areas needed a little more fine tuning. There were a few things that I was able to add to my departmental plans that I had not thought of and I really appreciate the fact that we were all able to add our own perspectives by completing the assigned tasks."

- Tiffany Williams, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, South Louisiana Community College

Tammy Easter"Everyone was so helpful I felt like I gained a new circle of colleagues. All the coaches were great, however, I truly appreciated my one-on-one time with Tammy Harrison."

- Tammy Easter, Director of Financial Aid, Moody Bible Institute

Let's Talk

"I'm thankful for the Let's Talk events as they allow me to connect with financial aid professionals from across the nation, especially during these unprecedented times brought on by COVID-19 ."

- Sheila A. Thomas, Director of Financial Aid, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

"It helps to hear others share their ideas and how they are handling different situations."

- A Let's Talk participant

"I cannot express how helpful this was. We were a small but mighty clock-hour group, but we all learned from each other."

- A Let's Talk participant

Anne Moore"It's vitally important yet rare to engage in a nationwide forum with community college peers by which to share common concerns and creative solutions."

- Anne M. Moore, Director of Student Financial Services, Berkshire Community College

"A one hour Zoom meeting is far easier to attend than traveling to a conference or sector meeting."

- Mary Ellen Duffy, V.P. of Financial Aid and Compliance, Mildred Elley

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