Program Review Response Team

Program Review Response Team

Blue Icon Advisors has a dedicated Program Review Response Team ready to help with your next federal program review. 

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) is required to perform program reviews by law. Schools receive notification of a review only four to six weeks in advance, which leaves little time to prepare. 

"I cannot say enough good things about Blue Icon's Program Review Response Team. They were extremely knowledgeable, while being friendly and professional throughout the process. I highly recommend schools use Blue Icon to prepare for their program review." 

-Scott McFarland, Director of Financial Aid, Central Wyoming College

Blue Icon provides several options to help you prepare for, participate in, and respond to a federal program review. We can work with you to modify and combine options, as needed. All services are available remotely to maximize your valuable resources.

Phase 1: Prepare for the Program Review

Blue Icon will set a strong foundation for you to have a federal program review by:

  • Presenting to stakeholders and those participating in the review to discuss the purpose and importance of a program review, what to expect during the review, and the potential ramifications resulting from the review.
  • Providing a timely evaluation of your policies and procedures and reporting on missing or non-compliant items.  
  • Reviewing documentation requested by ED before you submit the documents to ensure you provide clean and complete files.
  • Performing a file review that focuses on common compliance findings, such as student eligibility, Return of Title IV Funds, and verification.
Phase 2: Navigate the Program Review

After helping you prepare for the review, Blue Icon will provide an experienced consultant to be on call during set times to provide as-need assistance during the program review. 

Phase 3: Respond to the Program Review

Once you receive your draft report from the ED, Blue Icon will work with you and institutional stakeholders to review and interpret the report and assist in developing an appropriate response and/or corrective action plans for selected findings in the report. 

Phase 4: Implement Corrective Actions

Blue Icon is ready to assist you with all phases of implementing corrective actions to address compliance concerns identified in preparation for or as a result of your federal program review. 

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Our Team

Each of our Program Review Response Team members have led federal program reviews and will help guide you through the program review process with confidence. Learn more about our consultants.

Tony Erwin

Pam Fowler

Cynthia Gruden

Tony Erwin
Principal Consultant
Blue Icon Advisors

Pam Fowler
Former Executive Director of Financial Aid at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (retired), and an Independent Consultant for Blue Icon Advisors

Cynthia Grunden
Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services at Columbia College Chicago, and an Independent Consultant for Blue Icon Advisors


Nick Prewett

Tim Opgenorth

Dawn Mosisa-Lowe
Former Director of Financial Aid, Howard Community College (retired), and an Independent Consultant for Blue Icon Advisors

Nick Prewett
Financial Aid Director, Stony Brook University, and  an Independent Consultant for Blue Icon Advisors

Tim Opgenorth
Director of Financial Aid, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and  an Independent Consultant for Blue Icon Advisors

Joe Peterson


JoEllen Soucier

Joe Peterson
Senior Regulatory Analyst for Adtalem Global Education, and an Independent Consultant for Blue Icon Advisors


JoEllen Soucier
Executive Director of Financial Aid, Houston Community College, and an Independent Consultant for Blue Icon Advisors

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