Case Study: Community College in the Southwest

January 2022


Provide coaching to the new financial aid director to address budget cuts, office restructuring, cross-training, and communication at all levels. 


The financial aid director came into the position as an internal promotion. Though she had strong institutional knowledge, the director needed to adjust from being an office peer to being the leader, as well as address inherited personnel challenges, which left unchecked, could affect  compliance with federal rules and regulations, as well as student service. 


Blue Icon Advisors assessed the current state of staff attitudes, morale, and perspectives via surveys and videoconference interviews. This foundational knowledge was used to inform and refine a professional development plan for the financial aid office, which was implemented via executive coaching with the financial aid director. 


The director gained confidence through the coaching engagement and saw a huge shift in staff morale. "People outside financial aid have commented on the difference in our office," she said. "I really appreciated my meetings with the consultant. It was a safe space to have open, honest conversation." 


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Publication Date: 2/1/2022

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