Case Study: Erikson Institute

April 2020


To ensure compliance with the Title IV rules and regulations and to use scholarship funds to the best of the school's ability.


Erikson Institute, a graduate and professional school focusing on early education programs, approached Blue Icon Advisors to review its newly-developed scholarship matrix. The school wanted to ensure its scholarship awarding process was compliant with federal financial aid rules regarding need-based aid and estimated financial assistance. It also wanted to maximize scholarship dollars to make the biggest impact for its students.


The school asked for a time- and budget-conscious review and discussion of the scholarship matrix. Our consultant spent one hour reviewing the matrix and the school's website and another hour discussing his findings with the school - a total of 2 hours of work! Monique Foster, associate director of financial aid, commented on the engagement, "Blue Icon got the response to us quickly and it was useful information. We've already made changes to our awarding processes that will positively affect our students."


Foster was very pleased with the efficient engagement, saying, "The consultant worked really well with us and showed us how to be more effective with our money we offer students." Even a small project can have large results!

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Publication Date: 5/11/2020

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