Case Study: Fielding Graduate University

August 2021


To develop expertise and comfort in managing financial aid delivery for modular and subscription-based programs at the institution.


Fielding Graduate University was going to offer modular and subscription-based programs for the first time. Lillian Simmons, director of financial aid and enrollment operations, contacted Blue Icon to receive ongoing consultation with a trusted resource who is well-versed in modular programs and the Colleague system to explore the requirements for delivering Title IV Federal Student Aid to students enrolled in these new program formats.


Blue Icon selected a consultant who was familiar not only with modular programs, but also the nuances of the Colleague system in use at Fielding. The Blue Icon consultant met regularly with Ms. Simmons for six months to explore related topics, facilitate conversations, and provide training. "It was nice to meet with someone who had different experiences, but who met me at a collegial level," Simmons said.


The consultant worked with Ms. Simmons on written documents she needed to share with others at the institution to explore and explain the distinctions and ramifications of modular and subscription-based programs from a financial aid perspective. "My consultant wrote things in a way that was clear and made sense that I could use," Simmons said. "I felt very supported throughout the process."


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Publication Date: 11/4/2021

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