Let's Talk Participant Limitation

Why is registration for Let's Talk limited to one person per institution?

Let's Talk is a conversation.

The bigger the group, the harder it is to facilitate real dialogue. Remember, Let's Talk is not a webinar and there is no formal presentation. Attendees bring discussion items to the group based on predetermined topics. 

If participants don't talk, there is no conversation.

When multiple staff members from the same institution show up, the additional attendees do not actively participate. We have seen this time and again. If more than half the participants just listen, there are fewer opportunities to hear ideas and solutions from other institutions because seats are taken by those  who are only listening.

This is not a webinar.

While we could increase our Zoom subscription beyond our maximum capacity of 100 attendees, we feel a larger group size simply turns this event into a webinar. There are plenty of other groups that offer webinars.

Recordings inhibit conversation.

About two months ago, we stopped recording Let's Talk. The recordings we provided initially had very limited viewership, despite being requested, and we find conversation flows more easily when attendees are not worried about their comments or questions being recorded.

We look forward to seeing you at a future Let's Talk.

The Blue Icon Team


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