Case Study: Logan University

January 2021


To have a comprehensive, compliant policies and procedures manual and a student-facing handbook.


Kerry Hallahan, director of financial aid, wanted to document current processes in preparation for the implementation of a new campus-wide software system. "It was difficult to work on our policies and procedures during normal business hours," Hallahan said.


Blue Icon Advisors gathered and organized all existing policies and procedures into the NASFAA P&P Builder and then performed a gap and compliance analysis to identify policies that required updating. The consultant worked directly with Ms. Hallahan to write the new or missing policies and procedures. "We typically worked on Saturday mornings because that's when I was available," Hallahan said. Once the P&P manual was complete, Hallahan extended the project to include the development of a financial aid handbook for students.


"My consultant was also a coach - she nudged me along the way, and kept me on task," Hallahan said. "She also helped me see things in a simple perspective when writing the handbook." Logan University now has a complete policies and procedures manual in NASFAA's P&P Builder and an easy-to-understand financial aid guide for students.


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Publication Date: 2/12/2021

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