Case Study: Michigan Career & Technical Institute

Fall 2019 to Winter 2020


To upload the school's policies and procedures into the NASFAA P&P Builder and to train the staff on how to use the P&P Builder.


MCTI is a small institution that focuses on educating disabled individuals and veterans and participates in the Federal Pell Grant and FSEOG programs only. After several years of turnover in the one-person financial aid office, Kathie Amey, the current financial aid area coordinator, understands the importance of a complete and accurate policies and procedures manual to effectively manage Title IV aid delivery and to prepare should the institution be selected for  a federal program review.  Kathie stated, "I'm a one man show. I really liked the idea of getting help organizing our policies and procedures and putting them in one place."


During the engagement, the Blue Icon consultant worked with the school to obtain all the relevant documents, then identified the most logical area of the P&P Builder to house the school's current policies and procedures. References were added to the original documents to show the school where they could find their information in the P&P Builder. All MCTI policies and procedures were kept intact; no revisions were made to the context of the information.


Amey commented, "I was surprised at how easy the P&P Builder is to navigate, and it is very manageable once you break down the sections and look at the guidance that it provides. Having some of the information already in there really helps me, makes me feel like I can add on to what is there. And the training was superb! It really broke down the builder for me."

We will check back with the school in a few months to see if the staff have enjoyed working in the P&P Builder now that the process of moving their policies and procedures is complete.


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Publication Date: 4/17/2020

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