Case Study: Montclair State University

Fall 2019


To ensure compliance with the Clery Act provisions.


Jim Anderson, Director of Financial Aid, approached Blue Icon Advisors for a review of Montclair State University's compliance with the Clery Act provisions.  Several years ago the financial aid office and the university general counsel's office worked together to review the university's policies and procedures to ensure that the university was fully compliant with all Clery Act provisions.  Given the risk associated with non-compliance and the unavailability of the general counsel's office to complete a new audit, the institution decided to outsource their next Clery Act audit.


Working remotely to save the school time and money, the Blue Icon consultant reviewed all related information reported to ED and/or published for the current reporting period. The consultant reviewed the institution's Clery compliance and examined the school's current policies and disclosures.  To gain additional insight in the school's processes, the consultant interviewed staff in areas with responsibilities for complying with Clery Act provisions, including campus police, fire safety, and health promotion departments. A final report was provided to the school outlining the consultant's recommendations.


Anderson stated, “The Blue Icon consultant was very knowledgeable and did a thorough job. The report was spot on to help us ensure continued compliance.”


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Publication Date: 3/6/2020

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