Case Study: University of Wyoming

March 2021


To review current policies and procedures and develop missing components


The University of Wyoming (UW) has subscribed to NASFAA's P&P Builder for many years, and the staff began loading existing policies and procedures into the tool. As with many institutions, however, the financial aid staff was challenged to write its policies and procedures while maintaining necessary operations and customer service on a day-to-day basis.


Blue Icon finished loading the remaining existing policies and procedures into the P&P Builder. UW had many processes nicely documented. Each process was then evaluated for any missing, incomplete, or non-compliant components. Being mindful of budgetary needs, Blue Icon worked closely with the school to maximize resources. Instead of the consultant writing the policies and procedures, the school would write drafts for the consultant to review and provide feedback. "I trusted the information our consultant provided throughout the project," said Monique Henley, associate director of financial aid. This approach allowed the staff to build skills in writing policies and procedures, while having a trusted advisor available to ensure compliance.


Blue Icon completed priority sections in the NASFAA P&P Builder that the school identified. "We have our heavier-handed sections complete and a road map to finish the rest of the work," said Henley. Blue Icon also updated the gap analysis, which was initially provided in the middle of the project. "The gap analysis report is incredibly helpful," said Allison Murray, senior program coordinator. "It tells me what we still have left to do."


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Publication Date: 3/31/2021

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