SOE Case Study: Foothill College

"I wanted to bring awareness about consumer information across the campus." - Foothill College

Kevin HarralFor some time, the Foothill College financial aid office suspected there may be deficiencies in meeting consumer information requirements. Kevin Harral, financial aid director, tried to be proactive about resolving the issues through a self-assessment, but other priorities got in the way. Once he learned of NASFAA's Consumer Information Assessment, he knew that having this review would bring awareness about consumer information requirements across the campus. The assessment provided not only an expert to double-check Foothill's compliance with the federal rules and regulations, but also feedback to implement best practices to benefit students and staff.

While the review found no major issues, the assessment did identify areas that needed attention and delivered a narrative on what posed the largest threat of findings and monetary liabilities from the U.S. Department of Education. This information alone, in Harral's words, "put the campus' feet to the fire" and provided the necessary leverage to engage in conversations about consumer information rules.

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Publication Date: 5/4/2018

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