NASFAA Authorized Events

Authorized Event LogoYour members can now earn credentials from NASFAA. To participate, simply use NASFAA Credential Training Materials at your NASFAA Authorized Training Event.

Associations have the option of choosing which topics they want to teach. If instructors are credentialed, all participants will be pre-qualified to sit for the respective NASFAA Credential Tests at no additional charge!

Please note: For the 2020-21 year, credential vouchers are only provided with purchased materials when an in-person event is scheduled.  Please send in-person events requests to Dana Kelly at

Three great reasons your state or region should participate

  • Increased attendance: NASFAA will provide additional promotions for all Authorized Training Events that offer NASFAA Credential Training, ensuring an increase in your overall attendance.
  • Increased prestige: In your own marketing, you can capitalize on NASFAA's excellent training reputation, which is known throughout the financial aid community for being thorough and accurate.
  • Increased revenue: Additional participants will have a positive effect on your bottom line!

NASFAA Credential Training Materials

NASFAA Credential Training Materials are a comprehensive set of instructional materials for teaching financial aid concepts to groups of individuals in an in-person teaching environment. Materials include a study guide, instructor guide and accompanying presentation slides. Of the 16 training topics available, associations have a choice of purchasing one, 10, or all topics. See the order form for information on pricing. If instructors at authorized events are credentialed, it will qualify your attendees to sit for respective NASFAA Credential Tests. Need help getting your instructors credentialed? Contact Dana Kelly at

  • Administrative Capability
  • Application Process
  • Campus-Based Programs
  • Cash Management
  • Consumer Information
  • Cost of Attendance
  • Direct Loan Program
  • Federal Pell Grant and Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants
  • Need Analysis
  • Packaging and Notification of Awards
  • Professional Judgment
  • Return of Title IV Funds
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Student Eligibility
  • TEACH Grant
  • Verification

Instructions for States/Regions

  1. Purchase Credential Training Materials from NASFAA for your state or region using the Order Form (these materials cannot be purchased through the online store). The order form will serve as your initial promo code request for participants. A promo code will be sent to the individual identified on the order form to distribute to respective instructors.
  2. Upon purchase you will receive all associated training materials, along with a coordinator checklist and instructions on how to use the promo code.
  3. Conduct the training using the Credential Training Materials as-is. If you make changes to the materials or eliminate sections, participants will not be prepared for the credential tests.
  4. Provide attendees their promo code at the completion of training.
  5. Instructors should complete the survey on the training materials.
  6. Optional: Join the NASFAA State and Regional Trainers Listserv for quarterly calls, updates and the opportunity to ask questions anytime.

Information for Your Participants

  • Participants will receive a promo code for complimentary access to each credential test they have qualified to take. The test should be accessed from the NASFAA Store within a few days of training.
  • Each test promo code includes two attempts to successfully complete the test. For additional details, please visit the NASFAA Testing Center.
  • Participants will have 40 days to complete both testing attempts. Promo codes should be used on or up to a week after a training event, based on your event coordinators instruction.
  • Participants do not have to be NASFAA members; however, they must create a myNASFAA account in order to register for and take the credential test(s).
  • Please encourage participants to provide feedback for each event using this online survey.

Questions? Please contact Dana Kelly, Vice President of Professional Development & Institutional Compliance, at or (202) 785-6968.

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