What Financial Aid Administrators Do

Student financial aid provides billions of dollars nationally in the form of grants, loans, and student employment for students to pursue postsecondary education . Financial aid administrators (FAAs) help students achieve their educational potential by helping award and disburse monetary resources. The typical FAA wears many hats and is a rich resource for the institution, but often times institutional leaders and other offices on campus can be unclear on what exactly FAAs and the financial aid office (FAO) can do for students and other offices on campus.

The documents below serve as a quick resources to help entities outside the FAO understand how they can interact with the FAO and what FAAs can do for/with them. Please feel free to share them with your institution's leadership, other campus offices, and the greater community.

What can financial aid administrators do for you?

PDF #1 - For College Presidents
This PDF also goes into detail about how a FAO connects with other offices on campus as well as what information can be provided by the FAO to other offices and institutional leadership. This document can serve as a great resource when meeting with institutional leadership, other campus offices, and your community to help them understand what a FAO office does and how it can help their work or studies.

PDF #2 - For Members of Congress & Staff
This PDF also goes into detail about what financial aid offices and NASFAA do and the  resources each provides for the financial aid community, members of Congress, and their staffs. This document can serve as a great resource when meeting with elected officials at both the state and federal levels.

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