Corporate Opportunities

Reach your target market by sponsoring NASFAA programs, products, or services. We offer many ways to deliver your message to our audience while supporting NASFAA's vital mission. You may also be interested in an Associate Membership, featuring member discounted pricing and mailing list rental.

Advertise With Us
Website and email advertising with NASFAA offers the ideal promotional opportunity. Advertisers are able to place their brand directly in front of NASFAA’s more than 20,000 financial aid administrator members.

National Conference Opportunities
Our National Conference features opportunities for sponsorships, exhibitors, advertisers, and Business Solutions seminars. Attracting more than 2,000 financial aid professionals annually, the NASFAA Conference provides four days of networking, professional development, and opportunities for attendees to learn about your products and services.

Legislative Conference & Expo Sponsorship
Target your marketing to a unique group of financial aid professionals. In addition to reaching State and Regional Association Leaders and New & Aspiring Aid Directors, we've added a third path for current and future Enrollment Managers. Exhibit & sponsorship opportunities are now available to reach these three very specific target audiences.

Career Center
When you need to fill a financial aid position, NASFAA is the only source that offers direct access to 20,000+ financial aid professionals across the country. Every ad posted on the NASFAA Career Center receives five types of exposure for one price:

  • The full text of your ad is posted on the NASFAA Career Center for viewing by members and non-members, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • New listings appear on the NASFAA home page every day;
  • Your ad is automatically redistributed to additional job boards in the Higher Ed Job Board Network;
  • With Personal Job Alerts, your open position is sent directly to financial aid professionals whenever their job search criteria matches your job; and
  • Your position is announced in our daily edition of Today’s News, which is sent to more than 20,000 individuals, and available through an RSS feed to thousands more.

Dallas Martin Endowment Fund for Public Policy and Student Aid
Your contribution to the Dallas Martin Endowment Fund for Public Policy and Student Aid will help us continue to offer an annual summer internship to a student with an interest in financial aid policy and research in order to grow the next generation of leaders in the student aid arena.

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