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Findings from NASFAA’s Research on College Presidents

Findings from NASFAA's Research on College PresidentsNASFAA retained McKinley Advisors to conduct research on college presidents’ perceptions of their financial aid offices, administrators, and the profession at large. Overall results showed college presidents were satisfied with their financial aid administrator's ability to perform their job functions and were interested in receiving additional information on how to improve the relationship between and the function of their financial aid departments. Our report "Findings from NASFAA’s Research on College Presidents" further details the findings from this study, as well as recommendations for next steps.

NASFAA Research on Federal Work-Study

FWS ReportIn Winter 2015, NASFAA was awarded a grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct a study of the components needed to efficiently and effectively administer FWS and ways in which schools can strengthen their FWS programs to yield greater persistence and completion among students while staying within federal parameters. The goal of this research was to determine what components would create a framework for understanding, evaluating, and improving FWS that program administrators could use on their campuses. Read more >>

Focusing Federal Student Aid Websites On Graduate And Professional Students

CILSI Task Force ReportIn our report "Focusing Federal Student Aid Websites On Graduate And Professional Students" NASFAA's Consumer Information and Law Student Indebtedness (CILSI) Task Force set out to make recommendations for the and websites that would expand their focus to include the needs of G/P students and allow for greater transparency related to G/P program costs and borrowing. With websites tailored to their distinctive needs, G/P students will be better-informed consumers with clearer pictures of their options, leading to institutional choices that are good matches for their long-term financial and educational goals.

Research Meets Practice: Findings From a Collaboration Between NASFAA and the Association for the Study of Higher Education

Research Meets PracticeBeginning in fall 2014, a working group from NASFAA and the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) embarked on a yearlong effort to identify and examine ways to make financial aid research more relevant to financial aid practitioners. Research Meets Practice: Findings From a Collaboration Between NASFAA and the Association for the Study of Higher Education presents the findings from this work along with recommendations for how research can better inform the practice of financial aid administration. In addition to our recommendations, this study identified three main themes as a result of the feedback from, and conversations with, financial aid administrators.

National Student Aid Profile

National Student Aid ProfileThe National Student Aid Profile provides detailed information about the major programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, including descriptions of the federal student aid programs; recent trends in federal program appropriations; income levels of students and families who receive aid; and a description of the federal student aid application process.

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National Student Aid Profile


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