Events Calendar

Below is a list of events hosted directly by NASFAA, as well as events presented by state and local financial aid administrator associations. Since not all items are managed by NASFAA, be sure to use the links included to get more information.


19 NASFAA Webinar: Student Financial Wellness: Results from Trellis' Fall 2018 Survey Online
24 NASFAA Webinar: NASFAA's Compliance Engine: Get Your Gears Turning Online


1 NASFAA U Return of Title IV Funds Online Course begins Online
2 NASFAA Webinar: FAFSA: 2020-21 Online
4 NYSFAAA Webinar: Going Through the 20-21 FAFSA Line by Line Online
6-9 Justin Draeger & Mandy Sponholtz speak at 2019 MASFAA Annual Conference Lombard, IL
7-9 PASFAA Conference 2019 Hershey, PA
9-11 Dana Kelly speaks at KASFAA Fall 2019 Conference Louisville, KY
9-11 TASFAA Fall Conference Fort Worth, TX
14-16 IASFAA Annual Conference Boise, ID
16-18 LASFAA Fall Conference Baton Rouge, LA
17-18 Karen McCarthy speaks at University of Pittsburgh's Advanced Analytics Summit Pittsburgh, PA
20-23 Justin Draeger speaks at RMASFAA 2019 Conference Billings, MT
21 NASFAA U Verification Online Course begins Online
21-23 2019-20 SCASFAA Annual Conference Myrtle Beach, SC
22-24 2019 Annual WFAA Conference Yakima, WA
22-25 Justin Draeger speaks at 2019 NASSGAP Conference Washington, DC
23 NASFAA Webinar: Updating FAFSA Data: When and Why Online
23-25 WASFAA Fall 2019 Conference Stevens Point, WI
23-25 WVASFAA Fall 2019 Conference Daniels, WV
24-25 AASFAA 2019 Fall Conference Fort Smith, AR
24-25 2019 NHASFAA Annual Conference Bretton Woods, NH
28-30 FASFAA Clock Hour Workshop Altamonte Springs, FL
28-30 IASFAA Conference Dubuque, IA
29-31 NYSFAAA Annual Conference Albany, NY


3-5 Justin Draeger & Mandy Sponholtz speak at CASFAA Annual Conference Riverside, CA
3-6 Dana Kelly speaks at NCASFAA 2019 Fall Conference Raleigh, NC
4-5 NASFAA Board of Directors Meeting Las Vegas, NV
4-6 Lori Vedder speaks at DE-DC-MD-ASFAA 50th Association Anniversary & Fall Conference 2019 Baltimore, MD
5 NAFSAA Webinar: NASFAA Business Services Overview: How to Survive a Program Review Online
5 NASFAA U Overview of the Financial Aid Programs Online Course begins Online
11-13 2019 MASFAP Conference Lake Ozark, MO
13 NASFAA Webinar: Verification 2020-21 Online
13-15 Justin Draeger & Dana Kelly speak at SWASFAA 2019 Conference New Orleans, LA
13-15 WASFAA Management & Leadership Institute Long Beach, CA
14-15 MASFAA Conference 2019 Springfield, MA


11 NASFAA Webinar: What the Pell Am I Supposed to Do With These Enrollment Status Changes Online
17 NASFAA Webinar: NASFAA Policy Update Online



13 NASFAA U Verification Online Course begins Online
22 NASFAA Webinar: Foundations of Academic Calendars: Title IV Aid for Standard, Nonstandard, and Nonterm Programs Online
29-31 ISFAA Winter Conference Indianapolis, IN


3-5 NASFAA Leadership & Legislative Conference & Expo Washington, DC
5-7 OASFAA 2020 Annual Conference Gleneden Beach, OR
9-12 Justin Draeger speaks at SASFAA Conference 2020 Norfolk, VA
11 NASFAA U Administrative Capability Online Course begins Online
12 NASFAA Webinar: Financial Literacy Online
25 NASFAA Webinar: NASFAA Business Services Overview Online


2 NASFAA U Need Analysis & Professional Judgment Online Course begins Online
4-7 WASFAA Spring 2020 Conference Madison, WI
9-10 NASFAA Board of Directors Meeting National Harbor, MD
(DC Waterfront)
11 NASFAA Webinar: Enrollment Management for Financial Aid Administrators Online
11-13 MASFAA Annual Conference Butte, MT
18-20 OASFAA Spring Conference Westerville, OH
25 NASFAA Webinar: Graduate/Professional School Town Hall Online
25-27 2020 NeASFAA Spring Conference Norfolk, NE
31 NASFAA U Cost of Attendance Online Course begins Online


1-3 KASFAA 2020 Spring Conference Topeka, KS
1-3 OASFAA Conference Midwest City, OK
6-8 WASFAA 2020 Conference Honolulu, HI
15-17 KASFAA Spring 2020 Conference Lexington, KY
19-22 2020 VASFAA Spring Conference Virginia Beach, VA
22 NASFAA Webinar: Satisfactory Academic Progress: Basics & Beyond Online


3-6 Justin Draeger & Paula Luff speak at EASFAA Annual Conference Manchester, NH
4 NASFAA U Cash Management Online Course begins Online
13 NASFAA Webinar: Return of Title IV Funds Spotlight: Advanced Concepts Online
19 NASFAA Webinar: NASFAA Policy Update Online
26-29 FASFAA Annual Conference Ponte Vedra, FL


1-5 WASFAA Summer Institute Spokane, WA
3 NASFAA Webinar: Hot Topic 2019-20 Online
28-29 NASFAA Board of Directors Meeting Las Vegas, NV
29 - July 2 NASFAA National Conference Las Vegas, NV



8-10 NASFAA Leadership & Legislative Conference & Expo Washington, DC


27-30 NASFAA National Conference National Harbor, MD
(DC Waterfront)



14-16 NASFAA Leadership & Legislative Conference & Expo Washington, DC


26-29 NASFAA National Conference Austin, TX



29 - Jul. 2 NASFAA National Conference San Diego, CA



17-20 NASFAA National Conference Orlando, FL



23-26 NASFAA National Conference Las Vegas, NV



29 - July 2 NASFAA National Conference National Harbor, MD
(DC Waterfront)


Publication Date: 9/11/2019

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