Events Calendar

Below is an events and listing that includes events hosted directly by NASFAA, and also items presented or sponsored by state and local associations. Since not all items are managed by NASFAA, be sure to use the links included to get more information.



18-20 Megan Coval speaks at KASFAA Spring Conference Louisville, KY
18-20 SUNYFAP Annual Conference Corning, NY
19-20 AASFAA's 2018 Spring Conference Gilbert, AZ
22-24 Justin Draeger & Billie Jo Hamilton speak at WASFAA 2018 Conference Boise, ID
22-25 Lisa Blazer speaks at TASFAA 2018 Conference (featuring NASFAA U Credentialing) Murfreesboro, TN
25-27 Karen McCarthy speaks at OASFAA Spring Conference Columbus, OH
28 - May 1 Justin Draeger speaks at COSUAA Annual Conference St. Simons Island, GA
29 - May 2 Karen McCarthy speaks at VASFAA Conference Norfolk, VA
30 - May 2 SDASFAA Spring Conference Huron, SD


2-4 Lori Vedder speaks at 2018 CAFAA Conference Blackhawk, CO
6-8 MASFA 2018 Conference Grand Rapids, MI
6-9 Justin Draeger & Billie Jo Hamilton speak at 2018 EASFAA Conference Bolton Landing, NY
8 NASFAA Webinar: Leveraging Campus Relationships to Improve Financial Wellness Programming Online
9-10 Justin Draeger speaks at Education Financial & Loan Symposium Alexandria, VA
10 NASFAA Product & Services Webinar: NASFAA Tools: Student Aid Index and Compliance Engine Online
16 NASFAA Webinar: Return of Title IV Funds: Modules Online
16 The Impact of Higher Education Accountability on Access Washington, DC
22 NASFAA Webinar: NASFAA Policy Update Online
29 - June 1 Billie Jo Hamilton speaks at FASFAA Annual Conference Naples, FL
30 - June 1 GASFAA Annual Conference Young Harris, GA


1-8 RMASFAA Summer Institute Colorado Springs, CO
4 WASFAA Sister Dale Brown Summer Institute Reno, NV
5-6 VASFAA Summer Conference Burlington, VA
6 NASFAA Webinar: Top Five Compliance Issues and How to Avoid Them Online
10-13 MSFAA Summer Training Thompsonville, MI
13-15 Dana Kelly speaks at MASFAA Conference Philadelphia, MS
23-24 NASFAA Board of Directors Meeting Austin, TX
24-27 NASFAA National Conference Austin, TX


18-20 ACT Enrollment Management Summit Denver, CO


7-10 Justin Draeger & Lori Vedder speak at RMASFAA Conference Fargo, ND
14-17 Justin Draeger speaks at MASFAA 2018 Conference Minneapolis, MN
23-25 Justin Draeger speaks at NYSFAAA 50th Anniversary Conference Syracuse, NY


5-7 MASFAP 2018 Conference Lake Ozark, MO
5-9 SWASFAA Annual Conference Little Rock, AR



17-20 SASFAA Annual Conference Atlanta, GA
25-27 NASFAA Leadership & Legislative Conference & Expo Washington, DC


3-5 KASFAA Spring Conference Lawrence, KA


24-27            NASFAA National Conference Orlando, FL


20-23 RMASFAA 2019 Conference Billings, MT



29 - July 2 NASFAA National Conference Las Vegas, NV



27-30 NASFAA National Conference National Harbor, MD
(DC Waterfront)



26-29 NASFAA National Conference Austin, TX



29 - Jul. 2 NASFAA National Conference San Diego, CA



17-20 NASFAA National Conference Orlando, FL



29 - July 2 NASFAA National Conference National Harbor, MD
(DC Waterfront)


Publication Date: 4/20/2018

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