Board of Directors

2015-16 Board of Directors

Officers (3)


Regional Representatives (6)

Dan Mann National Chair
Dan Mann
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kevin Jensen WASFAA, 1st Year Rep 
Jack Edwards
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Dr. Lisa Blazer National Chair-Elect
Lisa Blazer
University of Texas at San Antonio
Nathan Basford, Jr. SASFAA, 1st Year Rep
Nathan R. Basford, Jr. 
Florida State University
Eileen O'Leary Past National Chair 
Eileen O'Leary 
Stonehill College
Tony Erwin EASFAA, 1st Year Rep
Anthony R. Erwin
Northeastern University

Representatives At Large (6)

Art Young RMASFAA, 1st Year Rep
Art Young 
Brigham Young University 
Heather Boutell 2nd Year Rep-at-Large
Heather Boutell
Bellarmine University
Aaron Steffens MASFAA, 1st Year Rep
Aaron Steffens
Luther College

Paula Luff 2nd Year Rep-at-Large
Paula Luff
DePaul University
Andrew Hammontree SWASFAA, 2nd Year Rep
Andrew Hammontree
Francis Tuttle Technology Center
Craig Slaughter 2nd Year Rep-at-Large
Craig Slaughter
DePauw University


1st Year Rep-at-Large
Angela Johnson
Cuyahoga Community College
Lisanne Masterson Lisanne Masterson
Blue Ridge Community College
Ellen Neel 1st Year Rep-at-Large
Ellen Neel
Glendale Community College
Kay W. Soltis
Pacific Lutheran University
Nick Prewett 1st Year Rep-at-Large
Nick Prewett
University of Missouri
Keith Williams Keith Williams
Michigan State University





Brad Barnett Brad Barnett
James Madison University


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