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The Department of Education (ED) on Monday announced it will be forming a federal Student Aid Enforcement Unit intended to protect students and taxpayers through investigating and responding to allegations of illegal activity throughout higher education institutions.

Every February, the president is to submit a budget request to Congress outlining the fiscal priorities of the administration. President Obama is expected to release a budget request today; bone up on your knowledge of how the budget process works with NASFAA's Federal Budget Process flowchart and stay tuned to Today's News for more information about the budget request as it becomes available.

Last year, a school originated and disbursed a Parent PLUS loan which had been approved by the FSA credit check/PLUS approval process. A prior PLUS had been discharged due to disability. The school is now being told they should not have disbursed the loan and are required to return the funds. Should schools check the parent NSLDS records for approved PLUS loans prior to origination? Is this supported in the regulations? Read on to see if you got the answer right.

NASFAA University is an important aspect of meeting the training the needs of the membership. In 2012, NASFAA University began offering credentials in all of the major areas of Title IV administration. In an ongoing effort to maximize the already established credential program and extend the standing of individuals who have earned multiple credentials, NASFAA will re-examine the opportunity for a Financial Aid Certification. This task force will ultimately determine if NASFAA should move forward with implementing a certification program. Review the complete task force charter and complete the volunteer form by 5:00 pm ET Friday, February 19.

Since its inception 50 years ago, NASFAA has helped thousands of students reach their higher education goals. Imagine how far NASFAA will lead us in the next 50 years Help us reflect on our past and look to our future. Memories and artifacts are being gathered for the first-ever NASFAA Time Capsule, which will be sealed at the 2016 NASFAA Conference and reopened in 50 years.


This letter announces a series of instructor-led, in-person training workshops offered by Federal Student Aid.

These summer internship positions are located in the Department of Education, Federal Student Aid (FSA).

The Department's federal offices as well as some of its Title IV processors and contact centers will be closed on Monday, February 15, 2016 to observe the Washington’s Birthday federal holiday.

The Direct Loan closeout deadline for the 2014-2015 Program Year is Friday, July 29, 2016. This is the last processing day of the program year, so all school data must be received and accepted by this date to be included in a school’s final Ending Cash Balance for the year.


National News

"President Barack Obama is eyeing a five-year $2.5 billion budget proposal that will give tax benefits to businesses that partner with local community colleges and hire their graduates," UPI reports.

"U.S. presidential candidates are talking about the problem of high costs in higher education," according to Voice of America.

State News

"At the last legislative session, Rep. Mark Lowery drafted a bill seeking to bring the University of Central Arkansas in Conway into the Arkansas State University System. But he never filed it," the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports.

"Maryland students are making a risky bet when they attend for-profit schools that are saddling them with high levels of debt for what are often worthless degrees, according to a new report from the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition," The Washington Post's Grade Point reports.


"It happened to newspapers. It happened to magazines. It happened to books. Now it’s happening to higher education: another industry thrown into turmoil and shock because its business model has been overturned by the Internet," columnist Michael Kinsley writes in an opinion piece for The Washington Post.

"Throughout the primary, the leading candidates for the Democratic Party's nomination have promised to take action on the $1.3 trillion student debt crisis. These calls have been echoed by President Barack Obama himself, who declared in his final State of the Union address that 'no hardworking student should be stuck in the red' and called on Congress to make college more affordable," Ann Larson, co-director of the Debt Collective, writes in an opinion piece for POLITICO.


"In the ever-changing world of federal financial aid for college students, Cedarville University is in position to be one of the leaders that will help shape the future of financial aid. Kim Jenerette, executive director of financial aid and a 1983 Cedarville graduate, has been appointed to the board of directors for the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA)," according to a press release from Cedarville University.




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