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Leadership Conference

Nearly 300 financial aid professionals gathered in Washington, DC Monday for networking and skill-building opportunities at NASFAA’s 2017 Leadership & Legislative Conference & Expo. Throughout the week, attendees will have the chance to learn more about how enrollment management ties into the financial aid world, gain fundamental skills to serve as a financial aid director, or explore new leadership methods for roles in association management. Several attendees will also have the opportunity to meet with congressional delegations on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

A new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) finds that inaccuracies in reporting enrollment status or outdated information can result in student loan borrowers paying additional interest charges, unexpected loan bills, and experiencing lost eligibility for other student loan benefits.

 P&P Logo

Making sure a policies and procedures manual provides clear cut guidance can be challenging, but enhanced features in NASFAA's Policies & Procedures (P&P) Builder—a module of the Compliance Engine—can help. The P&P Builder's updated text editing functionality allows you to copy formatted content from previous versions of your manuals, and to continue editing using familiar tools. Images that are part of your existing text will import automatically upon pasting content, and you can also copy and paste in screenshots and other images to help diminish confusion. Head to to see how the P&P Builder can help streamline your processes from here on out.


Do you know how to correctly report data to the Department of Education? The Gainful Employment Online Course is a collaborative learning experience that focuses on many important topics including reporting required disclosures, disclosure deadlines and effective dates, as well as cohort periods for calculating debt-to-earnings ratio. Register Now and reserve your seat.


Learn the answer to this question and learn how to instantly find credible and reliable solutions to your most pressing regulatory and compliance questions with NASFAA's AskRegs Knowledgebase. The Knowledgebase guide and video tutorials highlight the many features of this tool.


On February 27, 2017, the Department of Education (the Department) distributed the FY 2014 3-Year Draft cohort default rate (CDR) notification packages to all eligible domestic and foreign schools only. 

During the morning of Monday, February 27, 2017, Federal Student Aid became aware of an issue that prevented professional users from accessing Federal Student Aid systems that require the use of a Two Factor Authentication (TFA) token upon login. The TFA token vendor, Symantec, fully resolved the issue on their end and restored normal operations shortly before 12:00 P.M. (ET).

Federal Student Aid is aware of an issue that is preventing some professional users from accessing Federal Student Aid systems that require the use of a Two Factor Authentication (TFA) token upon login. The Department is working with the TFA token vendor, Symantec, to restore normal operations.


National News

"Owing to a serious misconception, almost half of college students recently polled believe they won’t be saddled with student loans soon after graduation," the New York Post reports.

"Free college tuition proposals will be moderately credit positive for the overall higher education sector, Moody’s Investors Service said Friday in a report issued after New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee and San Francisco have recently introduced new or expanded proposals," Inside Higher Ed reports.

"... The challenges facing Vigo are familiar to many similar lower-income communities. More than half of schoolchildren receive free or reduced-price lunch, a proportion that grows every year. ... And a weak tax base, limited by state caps on property taxes, hinders efforts to repair infrastructure, keep up parks, and attract a more educated work force," according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

State News

"The $300 state grant Devon Graves got his senior year at Cal Poly Pomona was only enough for gas and groceries — it didn’t make his $20,000 in student loans any easier to manage. Still, it meant a lot to the teen from Murrieta, a commuter town on the edge of Riverside County," the San Francisco Chronicle reports.


"The rising cost of higher education presents a huge obstacle to students from less advantaged backgrounds, but a new report suggests it’s not the lack of money that makes college tough for working class kids," Nick Morrison writes in an opinion piece for Forbes.

Blogs & Think Tanks

"In mid-January, The New York Times published the results of a study on the equality of educational opportunities for students of varying socioeconomic status. This study is one of many that attempt to compare the socioeconomic diversity of college campuses and thus their level of commitment to educational access for all students, regardless of their families’ income level," Kimberly Cassidy, president of Bryn Mawr College, writes in The Huffington Post.




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