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This week on "Off The Cuff," Megan and Allie get into the details of the final education spending bill passed by the Senate. It's the first time in several years, Megan explains, that things could return to "regular order," with the budget getting wrapped up before October 1—a move that could have implications for federal student aid programs. Megan also details comments NASFAA submitted to the IRS regarding a draft proposal for a new tax form, and Allie discusses the findings from TICAS's 13th annual report on student loan debt. The two also examine new data from Federal Student Aid updating the status of thousands of pending borrower defense claims, as well as applications for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Plus, Megan wonders whether a recent event in Virginia could spark the use of fanny packs as a defense mechanism.

NASFAA members from Illinois and Connecticut institutions met with congressional staff members on Capitol Hill Thursday to thank lawmakers for increases in funding for student aid programs, as well as urge them to improve the verification process and cut origination fees.


The Higher Education Committee of 50 is seeking public comments on its draft recommendations. Among other recommendations, the accountability subgroup included a recommendation to adjust the current cohort default rate (CDR) accountability measure, another to replace the existing CDR metric with a Loans in Positive Repayment Status (LPRS) measure, and another to implement an additional ED-approved review by a regional accreditor for schools with outcomes and alumni success rates substantially lower than institutions with similar missions. We encourage you to read through all of the recommendations for each of the four subtopics and submit your comments using the online submission form no later than 11:59 p.m., PDT on Friday, September 28.

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