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This week, NASFAA submitted written comments to the Department of Education (ED) on its Generic Clearance for Federal Student Aid Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Focus Groups Master Plan.

Convened in August 2015, the Task Force Examining the Lack of Graduate-Specific Data was charged with identifying the data that is currently being collected and what new data the graduate/professional community would like to see collected in the future. In its final report, out today, the task force stresses there is "a dire need for better data to help accurately counsel and inform current and prospective students of graduate and professional programs." The task force provides seven final recommendations to improve available resources to help both financial aid offices in their work and students in their decision-making.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, NASFAA conference attendees heard firsthand from several of the 2016 Student Aid Success Stories students about the important role financial aid has played in helping them pursue and achieve their goals. If you missed the session, enjoy these clips from each of their speeches and be sure to check out more stories here.

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This presentation discussed the hardships and payoffs of implementing an integrated student services center, which is also commonly referred to as a One Stop Shop. In an integrated student services center, institutions provide multiple services in one location. This is a preferable alternative to having multiple locations with singular functions, which can detract from the student experience.


The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has approved the attached Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification form (Self-Certification form) under OMB Control Number 1845-0101 with no changes from the earlier version of the form.  The expiration date of the form is 7/31/2019 and replaces the previous version with an expiration date of 5/31/2016.


National News

"Every story needs a villain. And in many higher-education narratives, the enrollment manager wears black," according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

"While tuition-free and debt-free public college plans were debated vociferously in the Democratic primary, an older proposal for affordable higher ed receded into the background. But advocates for free community college at the Democratic National Convention don’t believe the idea has suffered from the shifting spotlight," according to Inside Higher Ed.

"Zenith Education Group, which 18 months ago bought more than half of Corinthian Colleges’ campuses, has a new leader and a new $250 million endowment," Inside Higher Ed reports.

"A college degree is more expensive and more necessary than ever to earn a decent living," MarketWatch reports.

"Free college has become the banner headline for Democrats in an effort to attract the energetic, debt-ridden millennials who flocked to the Bernie Sanders campaign," according to The Hechinger Report. "But what about the 8 million adult college students struggling to complete a degree, and the millions of other adults who wish they could go to college but can't afford it? Most current tuition assistance programs are aimed at recent high school graduates. Yet a majority (60 percent) of 25- to 64-year-olds do not hold at least an associate degree, and the numbers rise to 71 percent and 79 percent for African-Americans and Latinos, respectively."


"... As college prices have risen –– and as the nation suffered through the worst recession since the Great Depression –– there has understandably been much focus on whether students will get a good job after graduation. Students want to know whether they will earn enough to pay back loans and make their time spent in college worthwhile," Donald Heller writes for The Washington Post. "At the heart of these debates is the question of whether the purpose of a college education is to give young people vocational skills and prepare them for entry into labor markets, or whether the purpose is the Jeffersonian notion of preparing an educated citizenry to serve our country.

Blogs & Think Tanks

"Dominick Suvonnasupa, a senior at the University of California San Diego, paid no tuition last year. His tuition was covered through a scholarship for low- and middle-income students. He was elected student body president for 2015-16, which provided a salary that worked out to about $6 an hour. And he had about $20,000 that he'd saved up before college to pay for school. But still, Suvonnasupa, who is 28 and a first-generation college student, couldn't avoid taking out a loan to pay for the cost of college," according to The Huffington Post.



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