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The federal and state governments together spend billions of dollars in higher education tax credits, deductions, and exemptions for students and families, but those investments are often missing from discussions about postsecondary spending, according to a new report.

The San Diego Padres moved to Petco Park in 2014. Petco Park is located downtown with breathtaking views of the Bay, the downtown skyline, and the Coronado Bridge. The most notable feature of Petco Park is the historic Western Metal Supply Co. building, which was incorporated into the ballpark by the left field foul pole. While you're in town for the 2017 NASFAA National Conference, join your colleagues to watch the San Diego Padres take on the Atlanta Braves. Baseball tickets are sold separately from conference registration.

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Federal law holds schools accountable for the truthfulness of information upon which students and families might rely, for example to make decisions regarding attendance. False or erroneous statements made directly or indirectly to a student, prospective student or any member of the public, or to an accrediting agency, to a state agency, or to the Secretary by an institution or its administrators are called what? Think you know what the term is? Head to NASFAA's Student Aid Index to see if you're correct.

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The NASFAA 2017 Leadership & Legislative Conference & Expo will convene next week. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors—College Ave, Third Coast Higher Education, and Blackboard, as well as our other exhibitors—Great Lakes, McClintock & Associates, LRAP Association, Financial Aid TV, Financial Aid Services, Citizens Bank, Campus Logic, QuadJobs, Hardwick Day, and CMD Outsourcing Solutions—for all they have done to help make this a successful conference. We look forward to seeing everyone next week in Washington, DC.


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The Department of Education on Tuesday published twelve electronic announcements related to National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) Reference Materials, which have been compiled here.


National News

"Senate Democrats are asking Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for details on a higher education task force that the president of Liberty University says the Trump administration has asked him to lead," The Washington Post reports.

"The Accrediting Council on Independent Colleges and Schools — the beleaguered accrediting agency that had oversight for two recently collapsed for-profit schools — lost its bid Tuesday to stop the U.S. Department of Education from terminating its federal recognition," Diverse: Issues in Higher Education reports.


"Talk about the need to make a college-level education more accessible is common. Everyone understands that a college education is valuable and that many jobs list a degree as a requirement for applying, so those without a college degree are missing out on significant opportunities in the future," Matthew Lynch, a higher education consultant and owner of Lynch Consulting Group, LLC, writes in an opinion piece for Diverse: Issues In Higher Education.

"Among the many sayings dubiously attributed to Albert Einstein is that the difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Lack of limits and stupidity have another overlap in the Parent PLUS loan program, which allows parents of undergraduate college students to borrow unlimited sums from the federal government for their children’s education," Preston Cooper writes in an opinion piece for Forbes.

Blogs & Think Tanks

"As industries evolve and demographics change, the need for education continues to grow. ... And yet, as we spend more money on education, and as schools create new degree and certificate programs, employers are asking for graduates with different skills than we teach, and some students struggle to get jobs, leaving many unemployed or underemployed," according to Inside Higher Ed's StratEDgy.



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