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NASFAA maintains a commitment to advocate for public policies and programs that increase student access to and success in post-secondary education.

Most often, NASFAA advocates in two separate arenas: in the context of reauthorization of the Higher Education Act and in the budget and appropriations process.
Our advocacy efforts center around these major policy areas:
  • Increasing access to higher education, including early awareness and outreach 
  • Simplifying student aid systems  
  • Encouraging college persistence & completion
  • College savings and financial education
  • Minimizing student indebtedness and emphasizing grant and work aid
  • Supporting the primacy of need-based aid

For an overview of NASFAA's policy positions, see Making Financial Aid Work for All: NASFAA Priorities for 2017 and Beyond.          

Use the links below to jump directly to specific recommendations. 

Higher Education Act Reauthorization Positions

Federal Budget and Appropriations Positions

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