The Ethics of Enrollment Management

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How does an individual begin the establishment of a personal ethical strategy? And how does that correlate with the development and maintenance of a workplace ethical program? In the world of Financial Aid and Enrollment Management, we are often faced with conclusions that call into play incorporating ethics in decision-making. Without a good understanding of ethics and how decisions are made as a result of this strategy, the choice of doing the right and correct thing can be extremely difficult. Regulations and statutes alone are a very poor substitute for ethical decisions. Because of our ability to live often in the domain of “shades of gray,” and being able to steer ourselves in decision-making, it is vitally important to have a defined base of good values, principles, morals, and virtues in the establishment of an ethical strategy.


Dave Gelinas

David Gelinas, Presenter
Senior Associate Dean and Director of Financial Aid
Davidson College


Lissa Powell

Lissa Powell, Moderator
Presentation and Content Development Specialist



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Publication Date: 2/21/2018

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