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While my big conference post was last week, I’d be doing my time in Las Vegas a disservice if I didn’t share the photos from the NASFAA photo booth and our tattoo-ing party. I still can’t get over how much fun the members had and how many wonderful aid administrators I met during those three days. I also think there’s a great new ‘feeling’ in the office now that everyone has returned from the conference. The camaraderie is deeper and there’s an increased staff bond as we have all just completed an amazing experience together – both of which make my love of being the DME Policy Intern and appreciation for having this experience even greater.

As I predicted, another week has flown by! Since being back from the conference it seems time has only picked up its speed and there’s nothing I can do but continue to work diligently on my remaining tasks. Over the past week I have finished reading Higher Education Access Issues and Financial Aid Avenues by Jaclyn M. Morelli so I can begin my long awaited book review for the Journal of Student Financial Aid. I’m also getting ready to begin analyzing the data from our 150% Subsidized Loan Burden Tracker with Gigi Jones, NASFAA’s director of research. I’m also wrapping up another project near and dear to my heart, my annotated bibliography on financial literacy that will be posted in the research section of the NASFAA website along with the previous intern’s. I’ve really enjoyed working on this document as it has allowed me to pull in more of my graduate work and share some current research with the membership.

Last week, a few other NASFAA staffers and I decided to take a field trip over to the U.S. Botanical Garden during our lunch break to view the “Corpse Flower”! As many of the staff know, I have made it my mission to do anything and everything tourist related while in Washington, D.C. this summer – so this event was right up my alley. After braving the 90-degree heat and waiting patiently in the humid green house… I am sad to report that the corpse flower did not smell! While Nydia Sanchez, NASFAA research intern, and I did take some fun pictures with the flower (which you can view in my Facebook photo album), I cannot say that I experienced the potent odor this plant is said to omit. I also braved the hot temperatures earlier this week to take another beautiful run around the National Mall/Tidal Basin after work and soak up more of D.C.’s splendor – it still never gets old how lucky I am to have this experience in the U.S. capital this summer.

As this work week wraps up, and only two remain, Nydia and I are planning to go out and enjoy more of D.C.’s local culture by attending a few shows put on at the 2013 D.C. Fringe Festival. I’m sure this will prove to be a great time, and a wonderful way to support the local arts, and I promise we’ll take plenty of pictures to share with everyone!


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Publication Date: 7/25/2013

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