College Degree Seen as Key to Landing a Good Job and Financial Security

Americans now overwhelmingly believe that college degrees are essential to addressing the employment and financial uncertainty facing our country, according to a new Gallup study done in conjunction with Lumina Foundation.

The survey of 1,001 focuses on K-16 education and the postsecondary findings include:

  • 95% of respondents said that it is very or somewhat important for financial security.
  • Higher-income respondents were more likely than low-income respondents to respond that a degree or certificate is "very important" (82% vs. 64%).
  • 86% of respondents indicated they went to college to earn more money or get a good job.
  • 58% of respondents ages 18-34 indicated the one reason students get education beyond high school is to earn more money, while only 47.5% of those 65 and older responded that way.
  • 47% agree that people who have a college degree have a good chance of finding a quality job (10% disagree).

"Even with the wild gyrations on Wall Street this summer, Americans still believe that the road to greater economic prosperity for themselves and our country comes through education," said Lumina Foundation President and CEO Jamie Merisotis.  "Postsecondary degree completion provides the best path forward for a brighter future."


Publication Date: 8/19/2011

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