Higher Education Act Reauthorization

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In March 2013, a task force of 17 NASFAA members forwarded to NASFAA’s Board of Directors an initial list of 61 recommendations for changes to the Higher Education Act via the upcoming Reauthorization. The Board requested that some issues be further developed. Following additional work and research, the Board approved the finalized Preliminary Recommendations in June 2013. This page contains a series of articles that highlight those recommendations, by topic. NASFAA encourages members to suggest additional areas where legislative change is needed; please send your concerns to Reauth@nasfaa.org. Be sure to review the Preliminary Report of the NASFAA Reauthorization Task Force.

Bonnie Joerschke, director of the Office of Student Financial Aid at the University of Georgia and chair of NASFAA's Higher Education Act Reauthorization Task Force, provides updates on the work of the Task Force at NASFAA's 2013 National Conference.

In addition to the articles below, also see the following background resources for more information: