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CFAA LogoThe Certified Financial Aid Administrator® (CFAA) Program is for financial aid professionals who are dedicated to advancing their professional career and enhancing their knowledge of Title IV aid administration.

To become certified, candidates must complete a multi-step process:

  1. Meet eligibility requirements
  2. Submit the CFAA Exam Application
  3. Pass the CFAA Exam

If you are considering becoming a CFAA, the Candidate Handbook contains valuable information about the program, as well as a CFAA Exam Content Outline and a list of core resources to help you prepare for the CFAA Exam.

Ask for support for this endeavor from your supervisor and/or leadership at your institution using this customizable justification letter. Support can be provided in many ways, including dedicated preparation time and financial assistance. 

Qualifying Criteria for Candidacy

Combination of:

  • Education (bachelor's degree or higher)
  • Examination (pass comprehensive certification exam)
  • Ethics (self-certify; acknowledge agreement to abide by NASFAA's Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct)
  • Experience (have worked as a financial aid administrator for at least 1 year, minimum, depending on pathway; experience with a range of Title IV programs; NASFAA credentials)

Multiple pathways:

  • BA degree + exam + ethics + 5 years' experience
  • BA degree + exam + ethics + 3 years' experience + 7 NASFAA credentials
  • BA degree + exam + ethics + 1 year's experience + 12 NASFAA credentials

Explore whether you meet the eligibility requirements using the CFAA Interactive Tool. Without paying a fee and without obligation, you can find out whether you are eligible to sit for the CFAA Exam during an upcoming testing window.

Check Your Eligibility 

Are You Ready to Apply?

If you meet the eligibility requirements, apply now. The application will require uploading a current resume. Be sure to take advantage of the waived application fee for 2019-20. 

Apply Now

What Happens After You Apply?

Upon approval of your application, you will receive an email notification with a link to purchase the CFAA Exam and schedule your exam session during an upcoming testing window. You will have one year from the date your application was approved to take the CFAA Exam. Learn more about the CFAA Exam and testing process. 

If your application is not approved, you will receive an email with a brief explanation of why the application was deemed ineligible.

Track Your Progress

Use the CFAA Dashboard to guide your path through the entire certification process, from starting, returning to, and submitting your application, arranging to sit for your exam, managing your Recertification Points (RP) to maintain your status, and more.

For More Information

Candidate Handbook  |  CFAA FAQs  |  Email

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