NASFAA Certified Financial Aid Administrator™

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is excited to launch the Certified Financial Aid Administrator™ (CFAA) program.

CFAA AnnouncementYour Voice Has Been Heard

Financial aid professionals have long sought certification and it's finally here. Our newly launched certification program will:

  • Advance and elevate the profession
  • Inspire quality job performance
  • Create a competitive edge

Financial aid administrators like you have always worked diligently to protect the integrity of student aid programs. The CFAA Program recognizes the integral role you play in an educational institution's overall success and provides credibility to help you get ahead.

We Are Committed to Helping You Succeed

CFAA GraphicWhy are we offering a certification program? Because we believe in the knowledge and expertise of student financial aid administrators.

We currently offer 17 NASFAA Professional Credentials that measure a candidate's topical competency. More than 16,000 credentials have been conferred since 2012. The CFAA Program is the next natural step in our efforts to further the careers of financial aid professionals across the country.

The CFAA Program offers a valuable benchmark to our community, providing the foundation for

  • Increased opportunity for career growth
  • Validation of competencies essential to effective financial aid administration
  • National recognition via industry assessment

Are You Ready? 

You could qualify today if you already have the right combination of employment, education, and experience. Review the eligibility requirements and program fees. Be sure to take advantage of the waived application fee for 2019-20. Ask for support from your supervisor using the customizable justification letter

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The CFAA Dashboard tracks all your steps through the process, from starting, returning to, and submitting your application, arranging to sit for your exam, then tracking your recertification progress. Take the first steps toward your future as a CFAA.

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Additional Professional Development Opportunities

Review NASFAA's Events Calendar and Training & Events page to learn of upcoming professional development opportunities, including state and regional conferences, summer institutes, NASFAA U online courses, NASFAA webinars, etc.

Keep an eye out for news and additional opportunities for the CFAA community in CFAA News.

For More Information

To learn more about the CFAA certification, review the CFAA Candidate Handbook and the CFAA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Still have questions? Fill out this form or email the CFAA Program staff at

Candidate Handbook | CFAA FAQs | Email

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